Lofa County Washington DC Chapter Installs Officers

By Moijama Davis

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 14, 2002

The Lofa County Community Association of the Washington DC Metro Area including Virginia and Maryland will host its installation program on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 9:30 PM at the famous Sahara Oasis International Cuisine and Catering Services. The Sahara Oasis is located on 3010 Hamilton Street, Hyattsville, Maryland.

Representatives of various Liberian community organizations in the United States as well as friends of Liberia, supporters and well wishers will attend the program. The Honorable, Congressman, Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island is expected to be the installing officer. We are urging all Lofa County citizens especially the women and spouses of Lofa men to take active part in the program. Membership forms will be provided at the program.

The Lofa County Association of the Washington DC Metro Area is an umbrella organization of the Federation of Lofa Associations in the Americas (FLAA). The association was founded over ten years ago to assist Lofa citizens in the United States as well as in Liberia. The founders were motivated by several factors: such as promoting unity, eliminating tribalism and assisting the county in her pursuit for educational materials and medical needs.

Over the years, the focus has been shifted on the enormous suffering and hardship the people of this great county have undergone as a result of prolonged civil war. The county is currently deserted and completely devastated. Several warring factions have over the years caused total carnage on the county. The citizens have been turned into an exodus of refugees and displaced people both in Liberia and foreign countries. The need for unity and reconciliation, the eradication of divisiveness and tribalism is more urgent than ever before among Lofa citizens.

Daniel N. Solee, a Community Activist along with Clarence K. Momolu, will be installed as president and vice president respectively. Others to be installed are Alexander Bazzie, Financial Secretary, Garmai Massaquoi, Treasurer, Joseph Sonjor Solee, Secretary and Victoria Kpadeh, Chaplain.

Daniel N. Solee, who is the founder of the Liberia Project Ministry at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Laurel, Maryland, has promised for the ministry to work in close conjunction with the Lofa Community Association during his tenure. Already, the Liberia Project Ministry has shipped medical supplies worth over $5,000.00 to the Lofa County Internally Displaced People (IDPS) in Liberia. In addition, radio equipment and accessories worth over $500 was dispatched to the ELWA Radio Station (Tribal Section) for the dissemination of news. At the same time, cash was given to the Lofa County Refugee Committee in Liberia to purchase needed food items for the Internally Displaced People. Currently, there is a container parked in the back corner of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church parking lot with medical supplies/equipment and other necessities ready to be shipped to the people of Liberia.

It must be noted that the atrocities committed on the people of Lofa County since the inception of the civil war in Liberia has been enormously inhumane. The once prosperous county and beacon of hope in education, agriculture and cultural enlightenment in Liberia has been reduced to rubbles. The strong, hardworking and united people of Lofa County have been divided and imbued with ethnic animosities. This program will therefore be used a launching pad for bridge building and reconciliation among the various ethnic communities of Lofa County. Our people are in dire need of everything basic. The government of Liberia, which continues to be wanting, is incapable of helping them. We therefore urge you to come out on Saturday, December 14, 2002 and support our cause. God bless you.

Contact persons for the installation:
E. Sumo Jones - (301) 891 0410
Daniel Solee - (301) 497 2307
Clarence K. Momolu - (410) 908 1521
Alexander Bazzie - (301) 438 9726
Moijama Davis - (301) 931 5897
Daniel Jojo - (301) 725 7475
Joseph Sonjor Solee - (410) 332 6607
Pofinima Gweama - (301) 603 9065
Garmai Massaquoi - (301) 422 6091
Victoria Kpadeh - (301) 650 9236

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