LPP-Americas' Resolution of 2002 National Convention

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 31, 2002

Partisans of the Liberian people's party residing in the Americas met at their regular annual convention in Washington D.C on Saturday, August 17, 2002.

The convention brought together partisans from the various geographic subsections of the Party including the Mid-Atlantic, Southern, and Eastern Regions of the Party Branch.

Acting in the absence of the Branch Chairman, Vice Chairman Bartee Togba provided a brief summary of the Party's activities over the past two years. These activities included the role played by the branch in fostering reconciliation in the Party Branch as well as relations with the parent Party.

Realizing that reconciliation is a necessary requirement for unity and strength in moving together as a party, the convention welcomed the news from the home Party on the pronouncement that the expulsion of key partisans due to the fall out from the 1997 elections has been lifted. The convention further empowered the new Administration to contact the home party for a comprehensive report on the entire process. It can be recalled that the USA Branch, under the outgoing Administration, pleaded with the parent Party for the unconditional lifting of the expulsion over a year ago. The convention expressed its support for the great works done by the home Party.

Observing that the membership base of the Branch is dwindling, it was resolved that the new Administration comes up with a detailed and workable plan for membership recruitment within 90 days.

Disheartened by the lack of a smooth and working relationship between the Branch and the home Party in the past, the convention resolved that the new Administration formulates plans on how to improve relationship with the home Party within 90 days. Concurrently the new Administration was also mandated to develop plans to guide the Branch on issues such as alliance/coalition formation, and how to relate to the home Party on future party congresses.

Seriously concerned about the lack of adequate financial resources to support the activities of the Branch and the home Party, it was resolved that the new Administration develops a master plan for the Branch's fund-raising programs within 30 days.

Noting that good relationship amongst partisans is essential for fostering party work, the convention re-confirmed the Reconciliation Committee set up by the outgoing leadership. The Committee remains under the chair-leadership of Partisan Mrs. Lucia Massaley Yallah. The convention further mandated the new Administration to create effective standing committees including the Membership Committee that will work hand in hand with the Reconciliation Committee in resolving conflicts among partisans, thereby creating harmony in the Branch and expanding the membership base.

The convention activities were climaxed by the election of a new corps of officers for the next two years. Those elected were Partisan John Fayiah Josiah as National Chairman, Partisan John Blamoh Kunwon as National Vice Chairman, Partisan Anthony V. Kesselly, as National General Secretary, and Partisan Tewroh Sungbeh as National Treasurer.

The new corps of officers replaces outgoing officers, Chairman Partisan Stephen Konah, Vice Chairman Bartee Togba, General Secretary Wilmot Kunney, and National Treasurer Annie Cooper Wilson.

The new Chairman partisan John Fayiah Josiah promised to work hard to make the Branch vibrant and effective, so that it can live up to one of its principal roles of maintaining unity among LPP members in the Americas and providing support to the home Party. He also promised to work towards reconciliation in the Branch and the home Party. Chairman Josiah further pledged to exert greater efforts in re-motivating partisans across the United States who have been dormant for one reason or the other. The newly elected officers were inducted into office by the Acting National Secretary General of the Party, Mr. Edwin Dennis.

The convention further resolved to hold the 2003 convention in the Southern Region's City of Atlanta, Georgia, next April.

Issued by the Secretariat
Liberian People’s Party in the Americas
August 19, 2002

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