Statement On The Unwarranted Search Of Partisan Tipoteh’s Home

(Position Statement by Liberian People's Party, USA)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 26, 2002

The Liberian People’s Party (LPP) in the Americas denounces and gripes the unwarranted and illegal entry into the home of its 1997 Standard Bearer, Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh by the thugs of the criminal government of Charles Taylor. We are concerned that this is another attempt by the Taylor regime to set the stage for the humiliation of the only decent, respectable and potent opposition leader living in Liberia. While most Liberians are urging the Taylor’s Government to adhere to its professed interest in national reconciliation, free and fair elections, protection of human rights, and freedom of expression, Taylor continues to do the business he knows best - witch hunts opposition leaders thereby throwing them into exile.

We are aware that the unlawful and forceful entry into Dr. Tipoteh’s home is not a surprise, because our intelligence informed us over a year ago that Taylor has been thinking on what to do with this great Liberian patriot. We are also aware that the principal targets of the Taylor government are the partisans of LPP and other democratic minded Liberians. The series of criminal acts against Partisans Amos Sawyer, Conmany Wesseh, Ishmael Campbell, Tiawan Gongloe and others fully attest to this reckless and lawless behavior of the Taylor government against LPP Partisans. It was all too apparent that Taylor and his criminal bandits would soon panic by the towering presence of Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh, that all time leader of the Liberia people’s struggle for social justice, peace, democracy, and national economic development. Dr. Tipoteh has confronted the dictatorship with a great display of dignity and honor. He has refused to be bought by either money or benefits, which Taylor uses to silent or acquire loyalty from those he perceived as threatening his regime, hence the cowardly invasion of his home by Taylor’s All Terrorist Unit -ATU. .

The Failure of Charles Taylor to produce a government that would guarantee the safety, security, lives, and properties of all Liberians is also not surprising. From the inception of his destruction of Liberia, many prominent Liberians were killed in his territory: Former Standard Bearer of Liberian Action Party (LAP) Jackson F. Doe, former Standard Bearer of Liberia Unification Party, Gabriel Kpolleh, Senator David Toweh of Nimba County, former Minister of Commerce, David Dwanyen and many more who were murdered on his orders. LPP strongly shares the view of Senator Russ Feingold, that Taylor is a war criminal. We hope to see him held accountable for his actions in the court of law for all those that have been killed or limbs amputated on his direct and indirect orders.

We call on every democratic and civic organization and friendly government to condemn this unwarranted act. We also call on ECOWAS and the Government of the United States of America to deploy international intervening force in Liberia to safe the remaining people of Liberia, from the murderous regime of Charles Taylor.

Issue this 25th Day of July, A.D. 2002.

Wilmont Kunney
General Secretary, LPP-USA

Stephen Yohn Konah
Chairman, LPP-USA

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