LUP Expresses Grave Concern Over The Renewed Fighting in Liberia

(Press Release)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

July 22, 2003


The Liberian Unification Party (LUP) expresses grave concern over the renewed fighting in Monrovia and elsewhere in Liberia. From our partisans on the ground, we have learned that the latest fighting has almost certainly broken down any semblance or perception of law and order in Monrovia as combatants here have taken to looting and terrorizing innocent civilians while rockets rain on the city.

While there can be no excuse from the Taylor Government for violating the ceasefire agreement, there is no justification for the continuous attack by LURD on the densely populated Monrovia, which along with Buchanan, and Kakata have become place of refuge and hence major population centers in Liberia today.

It is disheartening that on the very day that the draft comprehensive peace agreement was presented by the Mediator in Accra, there was an escalation of fighting. The on-again off-again attacks on Monrovia does not only put pressure on Mr. Taylor, whose days are certainly out numbered but also causes suffering for the people of Liberia, who find themselves at the mercy of the combatants, rockets and terror. The war must stop now! And now is the time.

We are therefore calling on all parties currently in Accra to bury their political ambition until general elections, and sign the comprehensive peace agreement to allow for the immediate deployment of the international stabilization force. We acknowledged that the draft comprehensive peace agreement, like any other agreement, does not allow all of the demands of any party, but it is the best draft that has been produced in more than 51 days of negotiation. Representatives at the Accra Peace Talks must not continue to enjoy the comfort of Accra, while delaying and denying our people the peace that they justly deserve.

We call on ECOWAS under the leadership of Nigeria, and the international community to deploy an interposition force to keep the factions apart until a full deployment of the stabilization force. The international community must also speed up the exit of Mr. Taylor, whose continued presence in Liberia is the source of destabilization and suffering for millions of Liberians.