LURD Denies Government’s Claims

Press Release

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 29, 2002

Office of the National Spokesman
Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD)
Voinjama, Lofa County
Republic of Liberia

After a very serious examination of our present military engagement, and overhauling of certain operational procedures, our forces have changed their combat strategy in the ongoing battle aimed at restoring a people-based democracy to the country.

The effectiveness of our current operational strategy moves our forces toward key areas in Northwestern and central Liberia. We are at the moment close to retaking the provincial city-town of Tubmanburg. Our forces will not only aim at retaking Tubmanburg but do all to conclude the war very soon by hitting Monrovia and calling for a government of national consensus.

News report on the CNN that Libyan supported Taylor's untrained ATU sub regional terrorists have captured alive a commander of LURD is false and misleading. In the wake of our new military tactics on the various fronlines, Taylor and his Libyan supported sub regional terrorists have embarked on witch-hunting ethnic krahns and Mandingos youth and men; arresting, torturing and killing them under the guise that the victims are LURD's soldiers or collaborators.

We have no member, soldier or commander in the LURD called "Cat Wear Glasses". We wish to strongly warn Taylor and his thugs to desist from harassing civilians. We consider the fake and paid-for propaganda on the international media as another form of Taylor's deception, lies and criminal manipulation.

We urge the international community and human rights groups to bring the Libyan/Taylor Terrorist regime to book on its actions against innocent civilians, journalists, activists and key opposition politicians residing in the country despite the tyrannical tenets of the Monrovia based thug “government”.

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