"We... are not Against Peace and Stability for our Country and the Mano River Union Basin" - Says LURD

(Press Release)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 20, 2002

Office Of The National Spokesman
Liberians United For Reconsideration And Democracy
(LURD), Voinjama, Lofa County, Republic Of Liberia

Press Release
August 20,2002

We in the LURD are not against peace and stability for our country and the Mano River Union basin. What we are fighting to see is the total breakdown of the Libyan supported Taylor criminal venture in our Country and the sub region. We are prepared to work with all groups seeking peace and security for Liberia with only one condition, and that is, Taylor must quit the leadership of Liberia unconditionally. Our reason for this condition is that there can be no peace and security in Liberia and even in the Mano River Union basin once Taylor remains president of Liberia.

Charles Taylor uses the Liberian Presidency as a tool to legalize tyranny and banditry both in Liberia and other parts of West Africa. Therefore, he and his regime pose serious international threat to regional security and cooperation. The Presidency also gives him "power" to exploit state resources for all of his criminal and terrorist based activities. As a people, we will not sit idle for just one criminal to defame a whole nation and suffer over a million population for years.

In the meantime, our forces are making progress on the military fronts. We now control Sawmill, an outskirts to Tubmanburg. We are also controlling the entire Suehn district, Zorzor, Fassama, Bopolu, Kolahun, Weasua and many other places in the country. We will continue our military advances until the international community can ask Taylor to pack up and leave Liberia in peace and with guilt.

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