LURD Threatens to Fight Stabilization Force

(Press Release)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

July 11, 2003

Editor's Note: In a press release issued today, the LURD rebel group threatens to fight any stabilization force that is deployed before Taylor leaves Liberia. Below is full text of the press release:

A Nation is built on three key factors: - the constitution, the mechanics of its operation and the respect it inspires- Taylor has misused and dehumanised the dignity of Liberia-He must therefore leave now and give chance to LURD to restore the downtrodden dignity of liberians and Liberia in the comity of Nations.

The leadership of LURD consider the deployment of ECOMOG while Taylor lingers on as preposterous and unacceptable- if there is no war, there is less of a possibility for an attack.

LURD ascribes to a credible stabilization force that will operate from a position of neutrality and to usher Liberia a stake of sustained peace.

Taylor's government is widely considered to be on its last legs- therefore, it will be totally unacceptable for any troop deployment in Liberia, before Taylor's departure- this will enhance his ability to remain in power and to further tarry- TAYLOR MUST LEAVE NOW before any deployment - While we hope for the best we are braced for the worst; therefore any troop deployed before the departure of Taylor must be prepared for a fire fight.


Any troop deployment before the departure of Taylor shall be viewed as a means to prop-up Taylors dying regime and to futher prolong the crisis.

LURD's intial commitment and pledge to restore durable and sustained peace to Liberia remains undaunted.

The Secretariat/LURD
National Headquarters
Voinjama city, Lofa County
Republic of Liberia