LURD's Threats To Fight The Stabilization Force

By Amin Modad

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

July 14, 2003

The statement from LURD insinuating threats to the possible intervention or peacekeeping force is utterly sad and idiotic. Not only does this show the incompetence of these individuals and their incapability to contribute an iota towards peace, the democratic process and long term stability, it also signifies their lust for power, their selfish intents, their treachery, and worst of all their ignorance. Regardless of the circumstances or the complexities engulfing the peace process, one would assume that every Liberian would opt for a less brutal means of securing peace and instituting a better political environment. It is one thing that in the effort of securing peace Liberians are willing to accommodate the demands of individuals who are capable of propagating bloodshed and anarchy; however it is a separate issue if these individuals take advantage of the process to ingratiate themselves as important 'obstacles to peace'. Liberia can no longer afford to grovel to the idiosyncrasies of these obligate social parasites. Just as much as we need peace and the renaissance of our social, political and economic systems, it is important that we become mindful of what and how much we can afford to sacrifice.

While sincere foreign governments, Liberian opposition leaders, members of the civic society, and other well meaning individuals the world over are striving to secure peace in Liberia, the LURD has come out with this contemptible statement. It is high time that we as Liberians realize that the effort of the international community in securing peace in Liberia and fostering the conducive political arena that would lead to social and economic growth is not obligatory. It is high time that we realize that our actions, sacrifices, deeds and contributions in these delicate times are circumspective to our very existence, the perseverance of our society, and the revitalization of our shattered economy.

These remarks are indicative of LURD’S blind lust for power and their incompetence to lead Liberia. I have stressed many times that the resolution of the Liberian crisis transcends the removal of President Taylor or a change in leadership. We are cognizant that it is high time that Taylor relinquish power to give way to a more progressive and acceptable administration. However, it is more important that we prudently foment the political system so that power is not placed in the wrong hands. This is why the international community’s military intervention lead by the US is so important. It is not only crucial to securing peace and insuring a fair transitional process, it is fundamental to preventing the country from degenerating into chaos, coup d'états, and another civil war.

Why in the world would any warlord (both past and present) think that Liberians would subject our existence to their leadership? Though they are important to the peace process, they must realize that by instituting war and destruction does not make them eligible and capable of leading a nation. Their concept of the Presidency has become corrupted by greed, lust for power and mere ignorance. Leadership is an opportunity to fulfill the needs of the people and the mandates of the constitution rather than a bequest to fill ones pockets or satisfy ones ambitions. The aim of becoming a President should derive from the altruistic desire to make positive changes and foster socio-political and economical development.

Along with other well-meaning and well-informed Liberians, I call for the US military intervention and the international communities steadfast commitment to restoring peace and cultivating the necessary environment for a duly elected and competent government. It is also very important that after peace is secured and a government is elected, the international community remain involved in the process so as to prevent the emergence of social parasites such as the LURD. The credentials of Liberian politicians need to be evaluated thoroughly because Liberia now more than ever needs the most sincere and competent leadership possible.

To the international community, I beseech you to remain committed to helping the Liberian people. Let not the ignorance and lack of commitment from any so-called Liberian political or warring nonconformist deter our vision and allegiance to peace and stability in Liberia and the world.