MDCL Applauds Ambassador Myrick

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Posted March 8, 2002

The Movement for Democratic Change in Liberia (MDCL) applauds the United States Ambassador to Liberia, His Excellency Bismarck Myrick, for articulating in clear and unambiguous terms the U.S. government’s position on current social and humanitarian crisis in Liberia. We wholeheartedly welcome his call for political change in Liberia through democratic means and the obligation of the incumbent Taylor administration to foster an environment that will offer Liberians an opportunity to express their political will through peaceful, rather than violent, means.

Since its creation, our organization has been working with other Liberians to ensure that the rule of laws prevail in Liberia and we have been advocating the same courses of political action set forth in the ambassador’s March 1 statement. We strongly believe that political change must only come through the ballot box. We have been working at facilitating peaceful interaction between all political players so that we can, together, charter a new course to attain lasting peace and security for our people in Liberia.

It is the position of MDCL that lasting peace and security cannot be achieved through the barrel of a gun. Violence breeds more violence and lead only to endless bickering while our people continue to suffer and die. Liberians remain scattered around the globe, living through the goodwill of peace-loving nations and their people, while their country continues to be mired in chaos and confusion. Therefore, we call on those who want to effect change through the barrel of gun to lay down their arms and join us in working through democratic and peaceful means.

The time to act is now. Tomorrow will be too late. Despite what Mr. Taylor says, the pursuit of peace, security and happiness are rights guaranteed us by our Constitution, not a privilege granted at the discretion of the president as and when he sees fit.

We call upon the President, Mr. Charles G. Taylor, to restore an atmosphere of peace and security in Liberia. We further call upon him to facilitate a peaceful reception for political leaders, who would rather be in the country were it not for harassment by the security forces, to lend their voices to the political process. MDCL calls on President Taylor to reorganize the election commission, to reflect the ethnical and political diversities of the country. Furthermore, we call for the total restructuring of the security and military in accordance with the Abuja II Accord in 1996.

We condemn in the strongest term the continue harassments of Liberians by the government security forces, including the Police Director himself. The recent arrest and mistreatment of former Chief Justice Frances Johnson Morris is a case in point. We join all other Liberian civic and humanitarian groups calling for his resignation. We also call upon Mr. Taylor to rein in the forces that are steering our country to her doom.

Liberians are yearning for peace and the country is on an unsustainable course. The voices of Liberians are crying out because we are on an unsustainable course. We cannot and must not continue on this course. The right way forward is peace and security for all. Anything short of that will sustain us in the current morass of fear and chaos.

May God Bless Liberia!

Nohn Rebecca Kidau, (Mrs.)
National Chair

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