MODEL Invites International Organizations

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 22, 2003

MODEL, the Liberian rebel group that controls most of Southeastern Liberia, says it invites the international press and humanitarian organizations to the area under its control. In a press release issued yesterday MODEL wrote:

MODEL is interested in international journalists, human rights groups and relief organizations visiting its controlled areas in southeastern Liberia to cover events therein as well as assist the civilian population.

We guarantee you all maximum security protection and any other assistance needed by you, and that will be within our reached.

All inquiries concerning MODEL political leadership should be addressed to this email address [] from now on. MODEL has not put in place its real political leadership yet. It only has an interim political leadership but its military force is fully in place. Soon the political structure of MODEL will be announced for public consumption.


Political and Media Bureau
Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County

The group overran government forces over the weekend and took control of the port city of Harper. Several reports indicate that Harper is one of the ports used by president Taylor to import arms into the country in contravention of UN arms embargo against the Taylor regime. The port is also used by timber companies operating in Maryland and River Gee counties. Harper was said to have been heavily protected but despite that MODEL met little resistance over the weekend.

The Superintendent of the county, Mr. Dan Horatio Morais, is on the run. Some believe that the superintendent fled the county for nearby Grandcess. According to unconfirmed reports, Mr. Morais has received some money from Mr. Taylor and the logging industry operating in the county for the protection of Harper. Fearing the wrath of Taylor prompted by the falling of Harper, Mr. Morais is said to have opted to stay away from Monrovia.

Besides Maryland, MODEL claims that its forces “have moved into Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, Grand Bassa and parts of Nimba Counties to protect the lives of our citizens that were under siege by the Taylor regime. These areas are currently under the control of MODEL. We are diligently working with the citizens of [these] counties in a cooperative fashion to enhance the free movement of our people, with the exception of the parts of Nimba County that [are] currently resisting our presence. Nevertheless, our forces continue to exert themselves responsibly so as to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with our Nimba brothers and sisters.”

Meanwhile, MODEL says “The reports that Charles Julue, Edward Slanger, George Boley, George Dweh and Roosevelt Johnson are the leaders of MODEL are absolutely false and misleading. These Liberians are not and have not been members of MODEL. However, MODEL, did not name its leaders.