Money Needed to Reconstruct Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 29, 2003

I have just read the article by Abdoulage W. Dukele posted on The Liberian Connection Web site intitled: The UN and Liberia: Good Intentions and Stark Realities.

Firstly, I thank the author for the article, and agree with him on many key issues mentioned.

Secondly, I would like to inform the author that the money needed to reconstruct our beloved Liberia has already started to pour in. The US Congress has already approved $200 million to assist Liberia, The EU today disbursed N1.2 billion for the peace keepers in Liberia and has pledged an even larger amount. Japan was one of the first nations to pledge assistance, and China today has also pledged to assist in the rebuilding efforts of Liberia. With Kofi Annan at the top at the UN, he will be successful in getting even more money than he has previously asked the International Community to contribute. (For more information on these and other stories, Mr. Dukele can log onto All Click on Liberia from the pull down list of countries, then, click on the more links. Next, click on "US Funding For Liberia Awaits Resolution of House and Senate Differences." On the first page are the articles of the other articles I have mentioned.

As a native Liberian, I personally sent our flyers to over 70,000 residents in the city of Los Angeles alone on the Humanitarian Crises, plus wrote letters to the President, and top officials of the US Government, took to the local airway, kept in contact with the media outlets, etc, etc. I continue to work on behalf of our nation; therefore, I have known that it was just a matter of time before the International Community would allow thier actions to speak louder than their words. Also, more money will come if each Liberian (outside of Liberia) contributes something constructive (fund raising efforts, personal donations, voluntary work on behalf of our country, writing letters to world leaders, The UN, US Government Officials, etc, ). "Liberians outside of Liberia must not ask what our counrty can do for us, but rather, what we can do for our country." Many Liberians are doing just that, but we need more to participate. The needs are very great!

What concerns me most at this time, it how will all the money be spent, and who will have full control if such huge amounts? Will the funds be utilized for the purposes they are intended for, or will most of it be squandered by unscrupulous people?

I thank you for you time.

In the spirit of peace for Liberia and the world.


Miriam Warsaw