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GAO Gives Government Credibility
Fund Raising Event For President Sirleaf’s LET Generated $1 million and A Historical Gift
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf attended a fund raising meeting to raise funds for the Liberian Educational Trust (LET), a charitable organization supported by the president to undertake projects in the area of education.

George Bush and Liberia
(By Joseph Kweedy Solo)
“ Charles Taylor needs to leave Liberia for the Liberian people to have peace and spare them blood share”. This was George Bush speaking before the former Liberian dictator, an international pariah and former warlord left Liberia for Nigeria in disgrace. Because of that one statement which came in the wake of the invasion of Iraq and the overthrown of Saddam Hussein, Liberians tend to have a special place in their hearts for George Bush.

Dollars and Sense in Special Education and Rehabilitation
(By Sakui W. G. Malakpa)
A close approximation of the number of people with disabilities (PWDs) in Liberia is difficult to reach because of several reasons. Many live in remote areas where they may not be reached to be included in any census while others are hidden by their families because of the stigma attached to disabilities and people with disabilities.

(Remarks by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President of Liberia on the Occasion of Receiving 2006 Africa Prize for Leadership Awarded by the Hunger Project
I am most grateful to be honored today as recipient of the Africa Prize for Leadership by The Hunger Project. Indeed, I am extremely honored to join the ranks of the sterling group of persons who have received this award including Heads of State such as Nelson Mandela, as well as educators, scientists, women activists, and grassroots organizers.

2006 Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger
(Address by Joan Holmes President of The Hunger Project)
From 1989 to 2003, civil war devastated the country. Thousands of men, women and children were victims of murder, abduction, torture, forced labor, displacement, sexual assault and rape. Children as young as nine were forced to become soldiers. The country’s infrastructure was completely destroyed. Corruption was widespread. Life expectancy dropped to less than 40 years.

President Sirleaf Receiving the Africa Prize for The Eradication of hunger Award
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
When she walks up the podium on Saturday evening, October 21, 2006 to receive the Africa Prize for the Eradication of Hunger Award, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will be joining a coterie of African leaders who have greatly impacted the lives of their compatriots in the past many decades. The first recipient of the prize was none other than Mr. Abdou Diouf, former President of Senegal, an icon of democracy in Africa.

Opposition Parties: Benefits and Challenges in Building Sustainable Democracy
(By Emmanuel Dolo)
How do opposition political parties benefit transitional societies such as Liberia in achieving democracy? There are many answers to this question, each with its own implications for how governance takes shape in specific social, political, and economic contexts. The nation building debate in post-conflict Liberia has tended to focus on the conduct of the ruling government and the non-governmental sector.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's Speech at Georgetown University
Nine months ago, I became Africa’s first elected woman president. That moment was seen, around the world, as one of hope and possibility for Liberia. Our people, in a free and fair election, gave my government the greatest opportunity that can come to any leader: the chance to rebuild a nation on the ruins of war. We are moving resolutely forward toward the achievement of this goal. At the same time, we are grateful for the inspiration of our history.

President Sirleaf Speaks At Georgetown University: “We Delivered on Our 150-Day Promises … But Time Is Not on our Side.”
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Introducing her at the Sachs Goodman lecture at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, Dr. Chester Crocker noted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s reputation for directness. Indeed, the audience of foreign policy students, faculty, and lawmakers did not have to wait for long to hear a new type of speech, a frank assessment by President Sirleaf of the challenges that Liberia faces, and considerable departure from her buoyant optimism before the joint session of Congress months ago.

Are The Likes Of Taylor's Allies To Own The Liberian Electricity Corporation, National Port Authority, Etc?
(By J. Yanqui Zaza )
Would the likes of Charles Taylor's allies become the new owners of utility companies such as the Liberian Electricity Corporations now that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has promised to sell government-owned entities? (The Analyst, October 5, 2006). A new purchase of another utility asset would add on to the Cell phone (Lone Star Communications) business owned by Emmanuel Shaw, Benoni Urey, etc. Predictably, wouldn’t they also acquire Liberia natural resources such as gold, diamond, iron ore, etc?

Liberia: ‘War Crime Tribunal Is Needed’- David Cane
(By: Jefferson F Cooper)
The former head and chief prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, David Cane says Liberia needs a war crime tribunal to bring about truth, justice and sustainable peace for victims in that troubled West African state.

In the Wake of Freezone Corruption Saga: ULAA's Former Prexy Charged
(By Obadiah Karnah, II)
The Judge of the Monrovia City Court, Milton D. Taylor, has issued writ of arrest for former President of the Union of Liberian Association in the Americas, Sam Mohammed Kromah and his former Comptroller of the Liberian Industrial Freezone Authority Michael Fortune.

We Want Our Building -CNDRA
(By: Lewis K. Glay)
Authorities at the Center for National Documents, Records and Archives have bluntly insisted that they want to immediately take over their facilities on 12th Street, Sinkor without delay.

Ideas, Not Money, Alleviate Poverty
(By Philip Emeagwali)
I once believed that capital was another word for money, the accumulated wealth of a country or its people. Surely, I thought, wealth is determined by the money or property in one's possession. Then I saw a Deutsche Bank advertisement in the Wall Street Journal that proclaimed: "Ideas are capital. The rest is just money."

Teaching Lessons in Deliberative Democracy and the Theology of Social Justice: A Response to Mr. Paul Jeebah Albert
(By Emmanuel Dolo)
Mr. Paul Jeebah Albert criticized my July 25th 2006 article which focused on ethnically, culturally, and religiously intolerant statements attributed to the Director of Police. In his rejoinder, two months later, dated October 3, 2006, entitled: Tolerance and respect must always be maintained in our national dialogue, Mr. Albert made at least three arguments. First, he argued that my article was “fraught with unsubstantiated accusations and vilification.”

Is Economic Injustice New In Liberia? No, It Is Rooted In Our Economic System
By J. Yanqui Zaza)
A debate in the future on economic issues might dwarf the current dispute of economic injustice which was articulated in a report published by Aloysius Toe, the Director of a Human Rights Group. He had argued that officials budgeted U.S. $1,000.00 and plus a month for government officials, and allocated U.S. $30.00 a month for ordinary government employees.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Signs New Forestry Law
Press Release)
President Ellen-Johnson-Sirleaf says the new forestry law provides a unique opportunity for the people to reap the benefits of their resources. “The land belongs to the people and the provision of resources from the land will not be discretionary,” President Sirleaf emphasized.

Liberia Has No Capacity To Absorb “TPS” Returnees
(By Wynfred N. Russell)
For over 16 years, nearly 20 thousand Liberians fleeing a vicious civil war benefited from an American government hospitality program called “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS). This stopgap immigration measure granted to eligible nationals, gave Liberians the legal permission to live and work in the United States as long as conditions in their homeland remain unsafe to return.

Tolerance and respect must always be maintained in our national dialogue
(By Paul Jeebah Albert)
The purpose of my article is to make some brief comments on a recent article written by Dr. Emmanuel Dolo, which was published on July 25, 2006 by The Perspective. The title of that article is, “The Danger of Arming a Possible Bigot: Allegations or Fact.”

Mittal Steel’s US$900 million deal in Liberia is inequitable, says new Global Witness report
(Global Witness Press Release)
A $900 million mining deal between the world's largest steel company, Mittal Steel, and the Government of Liberia is heavily weighted against the interests of that war-torn and impoverished West African country and it should be substantially re-negotiated, according to an in-depth analysis of the contract published in a new report, ‘Heavy Mittal?’, released by Global Witness (1) today.

The decision of the US to end temporary Protected Status for Liberians
(By Jackie Sayegh)
The decision of the US Homeland Security to terminate Liberians as deserving of Temporary Protected Status seems to be the practical thing to do in light of the recent developments in Liberia. However, the practical thing does not always mean that it is right or morally defensible. In order to fully understand the outrage and betrayal Liberians now feel upon this termination, a bit of history is in order.

Reshaping our Foreign Policy: the conduit for Development and Security
(By Plingloh Emmanuel Munyeneh)
Our Country has always lived under a false assumption, or for lack of better description, a willful dodging of the reality of diplomacy which is based on shifting alliances. Successive Liberian governments have therefore built the country’s foreign policy around a simple mentality that the United States of America is Liberia’s traditional ally with which Liberia must have an unchanging relationship.

Computer Labs for Govt. Schools (Forum)
(By: Obadiah Karnah, II)
Education Minister Dr. Joseph Koto says his government has embarked on program aimed at introducing computer literacy education in every leeward county of Liberia.

China to Rehabilitate UL (Forum)
The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is said to be contemplating on rehabilitating the University of Liberia Fendall campus to accommodate at least 15,000 students.

(By Jefferson Massah)
The Stipendiary Magistrate assigned at Gbarnga Magisterial Court, Alfred Manigbolor, recently informed reporters that the absence of prison facilities in Gbarnga seriously impedes the active function of the court in the area.

Liberian Media Needs Capacity Building -FORUM Boss (Forum)
FORUM’s Managing Editor, Augustus Fallah, says the Liberian Media like other sectors of the society is in transition following years of civil conflict.