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The Walls Have Closed In On Charles G. Taylor
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
I know Tiawan. He will get up from this and walk again, stronger than ever. The spirit of freedom, human dignity and decency that God put in Tiawan will not die. It is the spirit that builds nations; it is the spirit that kills tyrants. It is the spirit that will some day send Paul Mulbah and all the other thugs of the Master Evil packing, sooner than they expect.” There is something schizophrenic about quoting oneself but the urge is irresistible when history plays itself under our very eyes...

Taylor Trial "Many Months Away (BBC)
Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor may not go on trial for many months, the case's chief prosecutor says.

Charles Taylor caught in Nigeria (BBC)
Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has ordered his repatriation to Liberia though he is primarily wanted by the war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone.

The Walls Are Closing On Taylor (Part II)
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
The first part of this article was published on January 7, 2002, here in these pages, at the time when the criminal enterprise of Mr. Charles G. Taylor was reigning supreme on Liberia, creating havoc in the sub-region, with arrogance and a total lack of consideration for the fate of Liberians. Meanwhile, the LURD warring faction was hitting and running, stuck in the 50-mile radius of buffer zone President Lansana Conteh had created to secure the borders of Guinea, by arming Liberian dissidents.

Royce Comments on the Status of Charles Taylor
"Let's Get Across the Finish Line," Africa Subcommittee Vice-Chair says
U.S. Representative Ed Royce (CA-40), vice-chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights, and International Operations, issued the following statement in reaction to recent developments surrounding the status of former Liberian President Charles Taylor:

Reshaping Our Educational System To Fit The Challenges Of This 21st Century (Part l)
(By James Thomas-Queh)
We agree that our educational system is at the top of our national ills, but have yet to fully assess the profound nature of its failures. And this is the attempt of this paper to give an inset – and though not from an expert perspective (because I’m not)– but a look back more from a life experience – in the hope that it will contribute to our reforming efforts.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Liberia was established under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act of June 2005 to promote peace, security, unity and reconciliation among the people of Liberia by dealing with the root causes of the armed conflict and violence that engulfed the nation, resulting in gross human rights violations, between 1979 and 2003. The TRC will also achieve this object by, among other things, finding our the truth and establishing an independent, accurate and objective record of the past, including the nature, causes, patterns...

The Mechanism for Transferring Mr. Taylor to Freetown
(A Press Statement Issued By Human Rights Groups in Monrovia)
On Saturday, March 25, the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria said that Liberia is “free to take Mr. Taylor into Custody.” The Statement by the Nigerian Government constitutes an abdication of its obligation under international law. Mr. Taylor has been charged on 17 count indictment of violating war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone. The Special Court on Sierra Leone communicated with the Nigerian Government in November 2003 in this regard seeking Nigeria’s cooperation in having Mr. Taylor surrendered. The response of the Nigerian government is known and the Liberian government has since complied.

President Sirleaf’s Address to Congress: An Assessment in Retrospect
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
When President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf addressed the U.S. joint Congress a few days ago, it was a momentous occasion. From her triumphant entry, up to the time she was introduced and throughout her speech, she held many spellbound. It seemed as though a lot was riding on her performance, and indeed, a lot was at stake. A fellow Liberian was aptly quoted saying, “It made me proud to be a Liberian”; many share the sentiment.

Jewel Taylor
An Interpretation Of Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor’s Disappointment
(By: Ekena Wesley)
In an interview on BBC’s ‘Weekend Network Africa’ carried on Saturday, March 11, 2006, Bong County senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and former First Lady of Liberia categorically expressed her disappointment over a so-called revelation as a result of a telephone conversation with her diplomatically-imprisoned husband Charles Taylor to the effect that the government of Liberia had formally requested his extradition from Nigeria.

Another Round of Senseless Conflict in Liberia?
According to unconfirmed but credible report reaching The Perspective, plans are underway to create chaos in Liberia, which will undoubtedly plunge the country in another round of senseless conflict. The report indicates that Charles Taylor’s groupies in Monrovia are working around the clock to make the plan a success. The plan targets Government officials and includes the use of grenades to make the country ungovernable. They feel that terror could be used to stop the extradition of Mr. taylor to Sierra Leone.

The AIDS Epidemic: Can Mankind Ever Survive This Killer Disease?
(By J. Kerkula Foeday)
Twenty-five years ago, one of the most destructive epidemic mankind has ever encountered in recorded history erupted. It is the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS was first recognized in the world amongst gay men in 1981 in Manhattan, New York (UNAIDS/WHO, 2005; Dr. Cantwell, 2006). Explanations as regards the cause and origin of this life-threatening disease are still debatable among doctors and researchers
Book Closed On Taylor (Forum)
(By: Lewis K. Glay & Emmanuel S. King, Jr. )
African leaders who brokered deal for the departure in 2003 of exiled President Charles Taylor to Nigeria are expected to break silence on his fate for prosecution in Sierra Leone.

Gbarnga City Solicitor Faces Justice (Forum)
(By: Jefferson Massah)
Bong County City Solicitor, Prince Mulbah Jackson has been dragged into legal battle at the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga on charges of misapplication of entrusted property.

LIBCO,GAAWUL/COAWU Sign Agreement (Forum)
(By: Lewis K. Glay)
The Cocopa Rubber Plantation under the management of the Liberia Company(LIBCO) has signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA) with Liberia’s leading worker’s union along with one of its local branches.

“Madam President, You make Me Feel Proud to be A Liberian Again”
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
The room was packed to capacity and the audience lined the walls of the conference room. Lines formed into the alleys as people were given a chance to pose question. As she did in many instances, the President of Liberia, who has now risen to the stature of a rock star in tame Washington, DC, had gone through the litany of problems plaguing her country. Unemployment, disease, lack of basic services and everything that turns life into a nightmare, lack of electricity, a history of violence and deception, it was all there, in one package and she had come to say that she could solve it all.

On Land Mines: The Planters Must Come Forth
(By Gbe Sneh)
How sad would it be, for anyone, to have survived fifteen years of brutal wars, only to be maimed, and worse yet, killed from land mine detonations during peace time? Very sad, indeed.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf On World Stage
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Very few world leaders, with the exception of Nelson Mandela in the 1990s, have stirred so much interest in public opinion and drawn so much attention from policy makers in the United States as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, currently on a state visit in the US, at the invitation of US George W. Bush. It took only a couple of weeks, or just ten days to get the US Congress to convene a joint Session to listen to her.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Address to the US Congress
I am deeply touched by the honor bestowed on my small but proud West African Republic of Liberia and on myself by inviting me to address this body of representatives of the people of the great United States of America. By this invitation, you have paid one of the greatest tributes there is to those who laid down their lives for my country to be free and democratic. I can only say a big thank you.

Silence and Apathy are not Options in the Prosecution of Charles Taylor
(By: Emmanuel Dolo & Winsley S. Nanka)
There is an ongoing debate about whether or not the deposed and exiled Liberian ruler Charles Taylor should be brought to justice. Essentially, three major positions have been expressed. One school of thought is that Taylor should be tried in Liberian courts. Another view is that he should face justice at the war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone. The third view is that he should be sent to the International Court in The Hague.

NPA – GSS Contract Is Potential Dynamite Against Liberia’s Image
(By Bill Frank )
I was not eaves dropping but I could not stop the conversation from getting to my ears. The subject could not have been a “hush hush” issue. The three gentlemen were coming across loud enough. I took mental notes and later wrote down what I had heard.

Royce Welcomes Johnson-Sirleaf
Congressman Asks: What About Charles Taylor?

Representative Ed Royce, Vice-Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations, today welcomed Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to Capitol Hill, where she addressed a Joint Meeting of Congress. Johnson-Sirleaf was inaugurated in January. On her first official visit to Washington, Johnson-Sirleaf will meet with President Bush.

Kabineh Ja’neh: Justice for One and All
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
According to recent reports out of Monrovia, the confirmation hearings of Counselor Kabineh Ja’neh as a Supreme Court Justice have reached an impasse. Many are now of the opinion that the man who has just served the nation in the distinguished capacity of Minister of Justice, during the recent interim administration, is not qualified to serve as an associate justice.

Tolbert And Doe, Different Assassins, But Same Architect?
(By J. Ynaqui Zaza)
It is not certain whether the bitterness/anger among Liberians would ease if the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), were to seek the truth and identify the root causes of the civil war as well as the architects who designed the plots to assassinate president William R. Tolbert and, or president Samuel Doe. Primarily, the inequities inflicted upon the nation by a tiny minority of the population since 1847 had made violence and anarchy to be inevitable in Liberia.

Nigeria Asks Taylor To Leave (Forum)
(By: Lewis K. Glay )
Diplomatic sources reaching The FORUM last night revealed that the Federal Republic of Nigeria has reportedly asked former President Charles Taylor to depart for Liberia.

Don’t hurt the grass when hunting your elephant (Forum)
FILTERING NEWS LOOMING over the concerned Liberian public indicates that the government of Liberia has participated in an arrangement to have exiled President Charles Taylor extradited from Calaba to Liberia, following which he would be arrested by UNMIL and sent to face the world crime court in Sierra Leone on charges of fueling regional insurrection.

Mob Justice Resurfaces (Forum)
The bus stop on 12th Street, Sinkor was a scene of vengeance recently when residents there surrounded a suspected thief they were brutalizing to death until police had to intervene to snatch him away for survival.

Liberian Financial Professionals in America Make Recommendations to GOL
(Winsley S. Nanka)
Liberians cannot sit abroad and not pay property taxes on their properties at home. Some of us have to carry the heavy burden, and we should be prepared to carry the heavy burden to ensure that progress is made”, Emmett Peabody

Gboveh Registrar’s Office Set Ablaze
(By: Jefferson Massah)
The newly renovated administrative hall of the Dolokelen Gboveh School in Gbarnga nearly burned down to ashes if the fire that started in the office of the registrar had extended to other parts of the building early Monday morning on February 28, 2006.

(By Josiah S. Hallie)
Cocopa, which inherits its name from the original cash crop that was planted (Cocoa) by former American investors but later transformed into rubber plantation, stands between survival and extinction today as armed men believed to be former Government of Liberia (GOL) fighters are constantly terrorizing the plantation and its inhabitants

Reconsider Cllr. Janeh’s Nomination
(By: Emmanuel King, Jr.)
Recently, the President of Liberia Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf named a Chief Justice and Associate Justices to the Supreme Court Bench. Among those named was Cllr. Kabenah J’aneh former Justice Minister in the NTGL. He had been named along with Cllrs. Johhnie Lewis as Chief Justice, J. Emmanuel Wureh, Francis Korkpor, and Glady K. Johnson as Associate Justices ...

J. Fonatii Koffa
Jonathan Fonati Koffa Guilty of Embezzlement: “He did it for Liberia”
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
The case of Counselor Jonathan Fonati Koffa has taken yet another turn. (Now disbarred for dishonorable behavior). Is it for better or worse? Well, that depends on one’s vantage point. I venture to say that Koffa did get a good deal and here’s why: It was reported that Jonathan Koffa had pled guilty to four federal charges related to the suspected embezzlement of $500,000”.

Does The Liberia Legislature Have A Head?
(By Mohamedu F. Jones)
Who is the “head” of the Liberian Legislature? This is the sort of question a lawyer would object to in a trial as one that “assumes a fact not in evidence.” The presumptuous “fact not in evidence” is that the Liberian Legislature has a “head” and the questioner is merely seeking to identify who that person is. The short answer is that there is no such thing as the “head” of the Legislature. The Constitution does not provide for a Legislative “head.”

I Dream To Contribute To The New Liberia
(By Gbe Sneh)
Shortly after she won the presidency, President Sirleaf was implicated in a you-say-I-say that she told LIFE (Liberians For Ellen) members who were jockeying for government positions to “go jump into the sea.” Em, actually the quoted phrase is just a connotation of what was purportedly said, “look to the private sector.”, an uncharted territory for most Liberians. While the source may be you-say-I-say, there is a very good point alluded to here.