Liberian Journalist Off To South Africa For Training


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 14, 2003


Moses Zangar, Jr.
The President of the University of Liberia Press Club (ULPC) is in South Africa attending a two-week journalism training programme organized by the Reuters Foundation.

Mr. Moses M. Zangar, Jr. is among 12 African journalists selected by the Foundation to attend courses in Conflict Reporting and Writing International News. The courses are being run at the Rhodes University and the Burntkraal Military Training Center in Grahamstown, South Africa.

The program is expected to end on 21 November this year.

Journalists from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Burundi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Uganda are undergoing the practical training. The hostile environment training focuses on practical scenarios on conflict management, emergency planning, personal safety, mines awareness, small arms and range demonstration among others.

Other topics such as abduction, vehicle safety and insights into weapon system including reaction to fire, among others were highlighted during the training.

The practical sessions are intended to broaden the horizons of African journalists, especially those in hostile environments to be conscious and take precautions as well as conforming to the standards of the global media society.

Mr. Zangar thanks the Reuters Foundation for invitating him and hopes the training will widen his perspective and broaden his professional competence in the field of journalism.

The University of Liberia Press Club President also hopes to adapt standards, values and practices from the training to apply to his home country, Liberia.

Mr. Zangar, Jr. is also a full time reporter of Liberia's oldest indepent daily, The NEWS Newspaper. He has had several years of experience in the profession and served in key positions in many student media organizations including staff reporter of the Varsity Pilot Newspaper and secretary general of the famous UL Press Club.

Editor's Note: Mr. Zangar covered the Ghana Peace Conference for The Perspective few months ago. We congratulate him and wish him the best.