Resolution Of Free The Nation/Free The People Rally

Issued by the National Civil Right Movement
Washington Dc, September 16, 2002

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 19, 2002

Whereas the government of Liberia since June 24, 2002 and up to present is detaining 20 Liberians, majority of whom happen to be of the Mandingo ethnic group;

Whereas the government of Liberia is accusing the detainees of plotting to assassinate the President of Liberia;

Whereas the government of Liberia has labeled the detainees as terrorists and illegal combatants;

Whereas the government of Liberia has kept the detainees for more than two months without charge against the 48 hours constitutional provision;

Whereas the competent courts of jurisdiction have issued habeas corpus on behalf of the detainees and urged the government to prove its case through the due process;

Whereas the government of Liberia has ignored those court rulings and continues to keep the detainees incommunicado;

Whereas the government’s action is been viewed by individuals and organizations in and outside of Liberia as been a clear violation of the Liberian Constitution;

We hereby move to condemn such government action as being unconstitutional and not in the best interest of the country and the process of reconciliation and peace among Liberian citizens.

As such, we urge the government to adhere to its commitment to uphold the rule of law. It must either send the detainees to courts to decide their guilt or innocence or release them immediately.

We move to remind the government that it is its responsibility to protect the rights of all of its citizens at all times and its failure to do so may constitute clear violation of its contract with the Liberian citizens.

We move to warn the Liberian government that it must discourage ethnic harassment and end such injustice as is currently against the Mandingo citizens of Liberia. Such is the enemy of peace and security in the country. There can be no true peace in Liberia without total freedom and justice for all Liberians, irrespective of tribe or religion.

Done on this Sixteenth day of September Two Thousands and Two in the City of Washington DC, United States of America.

Samuel Johnson
Acting Secretary General, NCRM

Nvasekie N. Konneh
Acting Chairman, NCRM

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