New Deal Movement Will Not Participate in Any Coalition

By Winsley S. Nanka

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

February 12, 2003

The National Executive Committee of the New Democratic Alternative for Liberia (New Deal Movement) has concluded that it is not in the best interest of the democratic national social and economic transformation that the party envisions for Liberia for the party to participate in a coalition with other Liberian political parties during the 2003 national elections in Liberia. This information was disclosed at the recent extraordinary congress of the party's USA Chapter in Atlanta, Georgia.

The decision by the New Deal Movement not to participate in a coalition with other Liberian political parties was taken at the recent National Executive Committee meeting in Liberia. According to the Chairman of the USA Chapter, Mr. Isaac Junius, The National Executive Committee is the highest decision making body of the party; it comprises the party leaders from the various Liberian political sub-divisions in Liberia and the party leaders from the chapters around the world.

At the extraordinary USA congress in Atlanta, Georgia, George Klay Kieh, Jr. and his running mate, Alaric Tokpa were endorsed by the USA Chapter. Their endorsement came as the result of the November 14, 2002 primary election by the USA Chapter in which George Klay Kieh, Jr. and Alaric Tokpa overwhelming emerged victorious. Mr. Kieh, Jr. is however expected to go through the party's primary processes in the Ghana Chapter and Liberia's political sub-divisions before his nomination by the party.

In accepting his election by the USA Chapter, Mr. Kieh, Jr. thanked his fellow New Dealers for his election, and informed his audience that he is not seeking the presidency of Liberia because of what is in it for him. Mr. Kieh, Jr. stated that his decision is based on his desire to transform the Liberian society for the betterment of the Liberian people. Mr. Kieh, Jr. added "I am not just looking for a job, if finding a job is my goal, I could remain in the USA". Mr. Kieh, Jr. informed his audience that his motivation for the presidency of Liberia is further embedded in his desire to restore integrity and value to the Liberian people.

George Klay Kieh, Jr. is the Director of International Programs (on leave) at Wayne State University (Michigan) and is a professor of political science at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Mr. Kieh, Jr. also teaches national security for the United States Military, a position that takes him to US military bases around the world.

Most New Dealers at the congress agreed with the National Executive Committee's decision not to participate in any coalition because the struggle for social and economic justice in Liberia is too important to subvert it by linkage with crook and inconsistent Liberian politicians. These politicians, according to the New Dealers, are largely responsible for the sufferings of the Liberian people over the years.

A New Dealer later noted that these crook and inconsistent politicians have served as agents for various Liberian dictators, plundering national resources and denying the Liberian people their fundamental rights as embodied in Liberian organic documents. "Most Liberian politicians' desires for state power are motivated by greed and selfishness because nearly every Liberian politician has participated in past and present failed Liberian governments", stated another New Dealer. The Chairman of the USA Chapter, Isaac Junius later explained that it is regrettable that the politicians responsible for the deplorable conditions Liberia finds itself in today are masquerading as redeemers of the Liberian people.

Later, at his Lawrenceville (Georgia) residence, Mr. Kieh Jr. disclosed that he will marry Ms. Doris Railey on April 12, 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia.