Ghana Peace Talk: the Single Most Significant for Peace, Democracy and Social Justice in Liberia

(A Statement Issued June 8, 2003, by New DEAL Movement)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

June 10, 2003

The civil conflict in Liberia has reached another zenith, with increased arm hostilities between government forces and forces of the LURD who are battling for the Capitol, Monrovia. Daily, for the past 72 hours, residents of the city have been living through the anguish of the sounds of gunfire and the fear for their lives. Already, bodies litter the streets of Monrovia. Once again, the people of Liberia have become displaced, lives lost, and properties damaged.

This latest development, which is a sequel of the failed arrest of President Charles Taylor in Ghana has completely altered the dynamics of the current political trend both in the country and at the Accra Peace Talks. As it stands, the ongoing fight have become to unleash an uninvited sludge of misery on the people of Liberia. What remains to be seen is how the Peace Talks will materialize and how the fighting around Monrovia and other parts of the country can be brought to an end.

The New Democratic Alternative for Liberia Movement (the New DEAL Movement) wonders as to why the UN-backed Sierra Leone War Crime Tribunal could have indicted Charles Taylor, ordered his arrest while he was out of the country attending Peace Talks in Ghana, but failed to established or set in motion a practical and workable mechanisms for apprehending Taylor and taking him into (immediate) custody.

Second, the New DEAL Movement questions the logic of the LURD/MODEL approach of attending the Peace Talks in Ghana, while simultaneously conducting war on the City of Monrovia, the country as a whole, and its inhabitants.

Currently, the Peace Talk is the single most significant hope of the Liberian people for peace, democracy and social justice in the country. That is why the New DEAL movement resolves, AND:

1. Calls for an immediate cease fire between the government and LURD/MODEL forces; calls on the LURD and MODEL to drop arms, cease fire and make the Accra Peace Talks their priority;

2. Calls on President Charles Taylor to resign immediately and make way for an interim government to be constituted by the Accra Peace Talk, which by far is the single most important representative conglomeration of Liberians from every sector of the Liberian society;

3. Calls on the United States, France, Nigeria and other members of the International Contact Group on Liberia as well as ECOWAS and the UN to immediately constitute and deploy an International Stabilization Force in Liberia so as to bring to an immediate end the current arm hostilities in the country;

4. Calls on all participants at the Accra Peace Conference, to join the New DEAL Movement in putting the interest of Liberia first, jointly carving out a representative interim government, and designing a workable and realistic plan for the creation of a suitable political and civil environment for the holding of free and fair democratic elections.

If the fighting continues, only suffering, misery, and death awaits the people of Liberia from the barrels of the Taylor government, LURD, and MODEL firearms; but, the Liberian people, patiently waiting for the past seven years, do not want to endure another round of atrocities. That is why the New DEAL Movement calls on all Liberians to strongly support the Peace Talks and the Ballot Box as the most formidable avenue toward democratic governance in Liberia.


Dougbeh C. Nyan
Dougbeh C. Nyan
Vice Chairman for International Affairs
The New DEAL Movement - Liberia

Issued this 8th Day of June 2003 By the New DEAL Movement of Liberia.