When a Psychopath Rules a Nation

By Nancy Kiakula

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 30, 2002

Liberia is in very serious trouble because it is under the rule of a man with multiple personalities. Criminal history is replete with killers and psychopaths whose multiple personalities take them to the extreme of each of their persona. The President of Liberia is and must be considered criminally insane. Like Idi Amin, the murderer-butcher whose multiple personalities made him to feed on human flesh and kill and ruthlessly, Taylor goes from personality to another. He is constantly reinventing himself, but always according to certain patterns - almost predictable. The most visible and common persona of Taylor shows under his three names, each one connoting a certain pattern of behavior.

Psychopathic Personality # 1
Dahkpannah, the power source: He is involved in such behaviors as the ones Ellis, Stephen. (1999) described in his book "the Mask of Anarchy." He kills people, drinks their blood, and sometimes eats them in ritualistic ceremony. He brings to traditional beliefs a new dimension. Dahkpannah strongly believes that human parts give him supremacy. It is very hard to tell when Dahkpannah is in control because these activities are behind closed doors, in total secrecy, where shady "medicine" people take charge of everything. The only time I ever heard of Dahkpannah publicly doing something was when he forced some government officers to join the Poro Society. Other than that, he is a pretty quiet guy. He is in charge only for a brief moment.

Psychopathic Personality # 2
Ghankay, the ruthless man. He is a very violent person. He gets involved in all kinds of criminal activities in West Africa and in the world. He believes in nothing except his own fulfillment. He takes part in anything that gives him source of control, money or instrument of power. He was even accused of being connected to the al Qaeda terrorist network. He is the chief instigator and mastermind behind the destabilization of the West African sub-region. He organized RUF, which has terrorized the people of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea for nearly ten years. He even frightens ECOWAS leaders into doing anything he wants. When Ghankay is in charge, everyone knows because Liberians and the people of the entire West African suffer. He has no respect for human rights, the Liberian Constitution, the rule of law, or even his own signature. You don't want to be in Liberia or West Africa when Ghankay is in charge. You know Ghankay is in charge when members of the opposition, the press, and human rights advocates are being arrested, tortured, jailed, and even killed. A recent case is that of Counselor Tiawan Gongloe. As I write this article, he is suffering in the hands of Ghankay and his fellow psychopaths. The scariest thing is - most of the time, Ghankay supervises these types of atrocities.

Psychopathic Personality # 3
Charlie, the damage control man. He says all the right things, makes all the promises that neither Dahkpannah nor Ghankay can keep. He talks peace and reconciliation, signs peace accords, and asks God for forgiveness - he recently prostrated in front of the Liberian people crying and asking for God to take charge and get rid of his enemies. Just the other day, he signed the Mano River Union peace accord. Mind you, he appeared honest and the people think he really is, about what he is saying and doing at that time. Charlie has a way of making Liberians think they have a little hope until Ghankay shows his true color! If Charlie could stay with us a little longer, many Liberians would return home. But Charlie is a very powerless and vulnerable person.

How the three personalities play out?
I am not exactly sure whether the chicken or the egg comes first in this matter. Dahkpannah engages in voodoo and other witchcrafts to obtain and hold onto power. Once he gains power, Ghankay surfaces, break all rules, torture the people of Liberia and West Africa, and gets in trouble with the international community. When his back is pushed against the wall hard enough, Charlie will blame everybody but himself. He will say or do anything to get out of trouble. Once the crises are over, he becomes powerless and vulnerable. Dahkpannah emerges to give Charlie the power he needs, Ghankay surfaces, and the circle continue.

Charlie Taylor, the Psychopath needs help! Liberia must stop looking at him from the perspective of politics and deal with him as a mental case. He belongs in the "crazy home" and Liberians need to understand this. The nation is under the rule of a killer with multiple personalities - he needs mental help. He belongs to an institution where psychiatrists and psychiatrist nurses will attend to his need. The Mansion is the wrong place for Dahkpannah, Ghankay and Charlie.

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