Abubakar's Plan: A Recipe for More Disaster in Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 19, 2003

The warring factions meeting in Ghana have finally initialed an agreement, which Chief Negotiator Abdulsalami Abubakar thinks is the best prescription for ending the terror in Liberia. But, according to information reaching The Perspective, the agreement resembles Gen. Abacha’s formula which shared the entire nation among warlords and their supporters. We have seen the result of the Abacha's plan. In short, Genaral Abubakar has set the stage for more disaster, corruption, and ineffective interim government in Liberia. The winners in this Ghana job fair are the warring factions (Charles Taylor’s NPP government, LURD and MODEL). The groups that have terrorized the Liberian people have been rewarded the entire nation by the General for a job well done. In addition to giving them almost all the ministries, they will serve as the electoral college for Liberia - meaning that they will elect the interim president and vice president. The political parties’ leaders in Ghana will only recommend three names for interim president and three names for interim vice president to the warring factions. The warring factions will then vote on the six names to elect the interim president and vice president.

This means that LURD and MODEL’s closet supporters who are masquerading as independent politicians could become our next interim president and vice president. Regrettably, interim presidential candidates who want to embark upon genuine reform, bring the perpetrators of injustice to justice, rebuild the nation, will be disqualified by the hustlers in Ghana. More importantly, it is a sad story that nobody will be held responsible for the recent slaughtering of over two thousands hapless Liberians - innocent people who have almost made it through the Taylor’s anarchy. It means that their lives are worthless. It means that Joe Wylie was right when he urged the international community to stop “whining” about civilians’ lives. Who knows, Mr. Wylie could be our next Justice Minister. Tomorrow you could hear Minister Joe Wylie, Tarty Teh, Kabineh Jan’eh, J. D. Slangar, Dean Wilson, Alhaji Kromah, Sekou Konneh, Livela Supuwood, etc.

Under the Abubakar Plan, the warring factions take 72% of the ministries in Liberia. The plan also gives them about 50% of the seats in the new legislature. Besides, the plan gives them 50% of Liberia’s Public Corporations.

Stay tuned.