Continued Fighting Will Disrupt The Democratic Process

(Press Release Issued by the Office of Charles Walker Brumskine)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

February 5, 2003

MONROVIA, FEBRUARY 4, 2003: Intensified fighting reported to be closing up around Monrovia poses a direct threat to the pending democratic and electoral exercise in Liberia.

This sporadic outburst of war, which flares up whenever the people make serious attempts towards the enhancement of the democratic process, points to a sinister attempt by antidemocratic forces to stop the people from freely determining their choice for the future governance of Liberia.

We recall similar instances back in 2002, when “an upsurge” of the same war brought about a state of emergency that severely restricted freedom of expression and political gatherings.

This emerging trend in the Liberian political culture is frightening, and reemphasizes the need for an international stabilization force to help bring the war to an end – for once and for all.

The renewal of the fighting in Liberia is terrible for the West African region, given that there is already a growing inferno in neighboring La Cote d’Ivoire, and that the maintenance of the newly found peace in Sierra Leone is dependent upon peace and stability in Liberia.

The Liberian people have suffered too long, and there needs to be urgent international action to stop this situation. The Liberian people are not interested in the strength of anyone, but are rather concerned about living in peace and harmony.

Accordingly, we challenge the warring parties to accept an unconditional ceasefire; agree to the deployment of an international stabilization force in Liberia; and give room to the holding of free, fair, and credible elections that would pave the way for a truly democratic and peaceful future for Liberia.

We also call upon the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the United States of America, and other members of the International Contact Group on Liberia to ensure the establishment of a stabilization force; take urgent action to end the fighting in Liberia; and provide a secure environment for the holding of elections.

K.A. Kamara
Director of Communications
Office of Charles Walker Brumskine
Liberia Unification Party
Inquiries: (37747) 522334/552081