The Revised UN Travel Ban List

The Perspective

December 31, 2001

On May 5, 2001, the sanctions regime (which includes travel ban on President Taylor, Liberian government and military officials) imposed by the United Nations as the result of resolution 1343 (2001) against the Taylor government for fueling the war in Sierra Leone took effect. About a month later (June 5, 2001), the Security Council gave some teeth to the sanctions regime by issuing the list of government and military officials affected by the travel ban. Immediately after, there was an outcry from both the Liberian government and the Lebanese Community in Monrovia against the travel ban. Even there were reports of threat to take legal action against the UN, but that has not happened.

The Global Witness, in its report entitled "Taylor Made" spoke of numerous infringements against the sanctions and the travel ban. This paper also revealed the names of government officials who were taking advantage of loopholes within the sanctions regime, which is not clear or specific on how the travel ban affects "senior military and civilian officials."

The UN Security Council, on December 26, 2001, issued a revised list of Liberian Government and military officials affected by the travel ban based on their association with Mr. Taylor in destabilizing Sierra Leone. Omitted from the revised list are George Haddad, Jamal Basma, Victor Haikal, Mohammed Kafel and Abdallah Shehny. However, there was no reason given for the omission of these individuals considered to be Taylor’s Advisors and financial sponsors from the revised list. Observers believe that it is due to the pressure from these Lebanese Community in Monrovia.

The revised list that replaced the one issued on June 4, 2001, is published below:

"The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1343 (2001), adopted on 7 March 2001, today approved the revised list of persons affected by the measures contained in paragraph 7 of the resolution as follows:

“The Security Council …

7. (a) Decides also that all States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of senior members of the Government of Liberia and its armed forces and their spouses and any other individuals providing financial and military support to armed rebel groups in countries neighbouring Liberia, in particular the RUF in Sierra Leone, as designated by the Committee established by paragraph 14 below, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall oblige a State to refuse entry into its territory to its own nationals, and provided that nothing in this paragraph shall impede the transit of representatives of the Government of Liberia to United Nations Headquarters to conduct United Nations business or the participation of the Government of Liberia in the official meetings of the Mano River Union, ECOWAS and the Organization of African Unity;

(b) Decides that the measures imposed by subparagraph (a) above shall not apply where the Committee established by paragraph 14 below determines that such travel is justified on the grounds of humanitarian need, including religious obligation, or where the Committee concludes that exemption would otherwise promote Liberian compliance with the demands of the Council, or assist in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in the subregion.”

The list will be updated on a regular basis.

List of persons affected by the measures contained in paragraph 7 of Security Council resolution 1343 (2001)


ABU, (Brigadier General), Deputy Commander, Anti-Terrorist Unit

ALLEN, Cyril 26 JUL 1952 Chairman, National Patriotic Party

BAH (BALDE)(BA), Ibrahim Ibrahim BALDE C1950 RUF Commander

BARNES, Dawn Spouse of Finance Minister

BARNES, Milton Nathaniel 06 APR 1954 Minister of Finance

BASMA, Akkram Informal Adviser to President Taylor

BASMA, Hassan Informal Adviser to President Taylor

BLAH, Moses Z. 18 APR 1947 Vice President

BOCKARIE, Sam (Major General) RUF commander, senior member of Anti-Terrorist Unit, also subject to RUF travel ban under UNSCR 1171

BOUT, Viktor Businessman

BOWEN, Hezekiah 18 MAR 1943 Minister of Rural Development

BOWEN-CARR, Edith Inspector-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

BRIGHT, Charles R. 29 AUG 1948 Adviser to President Taylor

BROWN, Lewis G. (II) 30 MAR 1965 National Security Adviser

BROWNE, Philipbert Deputy Minister of Defence for Information

BURNETTE, Samuel N. 08 APR 1940 Managing Director, Liberia Electric Corporation

CAPTAN, Ade Jones- Spouse of Minister of Foreign Affairs

CAPTAN, Monie Ralph 28 MAY 1962 Minister of Foreign Affairs

CARBAH, Francis M. Minister of Transport

CHEA, Carol Spouse of Minister of Defence

CHEA, Daniel L (Sr.) 25 MAY 1958 Minister of Defence

CLARKE, Austen (General) 01 JAN 1960 Deputy Minister of Defence for Operations

CISSE, M. Moussa 24 DEC 1946 Liberian Diplomatic passport #D001548-99 Chief of Presidential Protocol

COOPER, Gerald 10 JUN 1949 Liberian Maritime Registry Liaison to International Maritime Organization

COOPER, Maurice Adviser to President Taylor

COOPER, Randolph 28 OCT 1950 Managing Director, Roberts International Airport

DAGO, GNADRE Raphael Alexander GALLEY

DARRAH, A. Tijani 18 JUL 1951 Managing Director, Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation

DARRAH, Kaddieyatu Special Assistant to President Taylor

DENNIS, James ATU member & Weapons Smuggler

DENNIS, Wisseh 21 DEC 1953 Consultant to Commissioner of the Bureau of Maritime Affairs

DeSHIELD, Charles 30 JUN 1947 Director, National Bureau of Investigation

DESNOES, Gerard 16 JUL 1941 Arms dealer

DOE, Gabrielle Adviser to President Taylor

DOLO, Montgomery Commander Anti-Terrorist Unit

DUNBAR, Alcmenia Summerville Spouse of Minister of Lands, Mines, and Energy

DUNBAR, Belle Y 27 OCT 1963 Managing Director, Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation

DUNBAR, Jenkins 10 JAN 1947 Minister of Lands, Mines, and Energy

DURING, J. Adolphus 05 JUN 1943 Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

EASTMAN, Ernest 27 MAR 1933 Adviser to President Taylor

EID, Samuel Informal Adviser to President Taylor


ELDINE, Khalid Informal Adviser to President Taylor

FLEMING, S. Loyola (Jr.) 11 SEP 1958 Deputy Minister of Finance for Expenditure and Debt Management

FLOMO, Richard Minister of Internal Affairs

GARDINER, Emmanuel 29 MAY 1936 Budget Director

GAYE, Alphonso Managing Director, National Port Authority

GBOLLIE (BOLLIE), Saa(h) Director of Operations, Liberia National Police

GEORGE, Martin O.N. Minister of State without Portfolio

GIBSON, Myrtle (Senator) 03 NOV 1952 Adviser to President Taylor

GIBSON, Samuel Mustapha 08 JUN 1949 Adviser to President Taylor


GOODRIDGE (GOODRICH), Reginald B. (Sr.) 11 NOV 1952 Minister of Information and Tourism

HORTON, Romeo (Dr.) 13 AUG 1933 Adviser to President Taylor

HOWARD, Sandra P 19 AUG 1954 Adviser to President Taylor

JANGABA, Tambakai A.A. 16 SEP 1941 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

JOBE, Baba Arms Trafficker. Director of the Gambia New Millennium Air company

JERBO (JARBO), Lee(Colonel) Chief, Special Operations Division, Liberia National Police

JIBBA (JEBBA), Macifierran Momo (Lieutenant General) 04 MAY 1972 Senior Aide-de-Camp to President Taylor, and Battalion Commander, Anti-Terrorist Unit

JOHNSON, Koboi Deputy Minister and Legal Counselor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

KABAH, Francis Economic Adviser to President Taylor

KADIMA, Pasti D001993-00 Arms Dealer

KAMAH, Phillip 26 JUL 1942 Minister for National Security

KAMARA, Fafani B Deputy Minister for National Security

KIIA TAI, Joseph Wong Oriental Timber Company

KONAH, Kpenkpah 30 APR 1981 Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of Liberia

KOUEN-HOVEN, Gus Owner of Hotel Africa

KOU-LAYWEAH, Esther Deputy Minister of Lands, Mines, and Energy

KPOTO, Kerkula B. President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate

KULUE, Alexander Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism for Planning and Research

LEAMAN, Johnson Deputy Minister of Defence for Naval Affairs

McCLAIN, John Wesseh Minister of State for Planning and Economic Affairs

McGILL, David Managing Director, Liberia Marketing Corporation

MINOR, Grace 31 MAY 1942 Senator and Adviser to President Taylor

MININ, Leonid BLAVSTEIN,BLYU-VSHTEIN,BLYA-FSHTEIN,BLUV-SHTEIN,BLYU-FSHTEIN KERLER, Vladimir AbramovichPOPILO VESKI(POPELA/POPELO)VladimirAbramovichBRESLAN,WulfOSOLS,Igor 14 DEC 1947 18 OCT 1946 18 OCT 1946 10 JUL NK 14 DEC 1947 German Passports:5280007248D18106739D (MININ)Israeli Passports:6019832 (6/11/94- 5/11/99)9001689 (23/1/97- 22/1/02)90109052 (26/11/97)Russian Passport: KI0861177Bolivian Passport: 65118Greek, no details Businessman and arms dealer

MONT-GOMERY, Joe Deputy Director of Special Security Services

MORGAN, Lawrence Adviser to President Taylor

MULBAH, Joseph W 26 JUN 1956 Adviser to President Taylor and former Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism

MULBAH, Paul 24 JUN 1944 Director of Liberian National Police

MUSSAH, E. Massa Spouse of Presidential Military Adviser

MUSSAH, Isaac 29 NOV 1943 General, and Presidential Military Adviser

NASR, Samir (M. Sanjivan RUPRAH) 09 AUG 1966 D-002081-00 Deputy Commander of Maritime Affairs R.L.

NASSOUR, Aziz Relative of Samih Ossaily, Belgian expatriate

NEAL, Juanita 09 MAY 1947 Deputy Minister of Finance for Revenue

NEAL, Robert F. 10 AUG 1949 Deputy Minister of Finance for Sectoral Planning

NELSON, Blamo 16 NOV 1950 Director General of the Cabinet


PAYE-BAYEE, Y. Mewasah Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization

PAYGAI Q. Somah Chairman of the National Investment Commission

PEABODY, Cora Minister of Commerce and Industry

POE, Maxwell Minister of Internal Affairs

REFELL, Jonathan Minister of State without portfolio

REFELL, Victoria Adviser to President Taylor

RICHARDSON, John T. 10 DEC 1949 Adviser to President Taylor

ROBERTS, Charles B. (Jr.) 29 JUN 1918 Managing Director, Liberia Telecommunications Corporation

ROSENBLUM, Simon 21 SEP 1943 Informal Adviser to President Taylor

RUPRAH, Sanjivan Samir NASR 09 AUG 1966 D-001829-00 Businessman/Deputy Commander of Maritime Affairs

RUSS, Emmett Deputy Minister for National Security

SALAMI, Mohamed Owner, Mohamed and Company Logging Company

SALEEBY, Elias Executive Director, Central Bank of Liberia

SANIMANIE, Lydia W.E. 04 MAY 1970 Director of Passports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

SCOTT, Jenkins K.Z.B. 12 NOV 1944 Legal Adviser to President Taylor

SHAW, Emmanuel (II) 26 JUL 1946 Adviser to President Taylor

SUAH, Nah-John 01 JAN 1960 Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for Administration

TARNUE, John (Brigadier General) 18 DEC 1954 Commanding General, Armed Forces of Liberia

TAYLOR, Charles "Chuckie" (Jr.) Informal Adviser to President Taylor, and son of President Taylor

TAYLOR, Charles Ghankay 01 SEP 1947 President

TAYLOR, Demetrius Robert 28 DEC 1958 Managing Director, Forestry Development Authority

TAYLOR, Emmett Minister of Public Works

TAYLOR, Freddie Director, National Security Agency

TAYLOR, Jewell Howard 17 JAN 1963 Spouse of President Taylor

TAYLOR, Jonathan Minister of State for Presidential Affairs

TAYLOR, Tupee Enid Ex-wife of President Taylor

REEVES-TAYLOR, Agnes Ex-wife of President & Liberian Perm Rep to IMO/Sr. Member, Govt. of Liberia

THOMAS, Timothy 28 MAY 1951 Director, General Services Agency

TOUAH, Joachim Liberian Diplomatic passport #D00353 Assistant Director of Special Security Service

UREY, Benoni 22 JUN 1957 Liberian Diplomatic passport #D00148399 Commissioner of Maritime Affairs

VAMOH, John (Colonel) Special Task Force Commander

VARMAH ,Eddington 25 MAR 1950 Minister of Justice

VARNEY, Samuel Major General, Armed Forces of Liberia

VAYE ,Edwin, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for Technical Services

WALLACE, George - Deputy Foreign Minister

WARD, Amelia 11 JUL 1944 Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs

WHITFIELD, John Secretary General of National Patriotic Party

WILLIAMS, Sylvanus Deputy Minister of Defence for Administration

WOLO, James Kpateh 11 AUG 1948 Managing Director, Liberia Broadcasting System

WONGBAY, Jenkins Administrator, Civil Service Agency

WOODSON, Roger B. Managing Director, Liberia Water and Sewage Corporation

YEATEN, Benjamin Liberian Diplomatic passport #D00123299 Director, Special Security Services

YORMIE, John Deputy Director of Ministry of Security

ZAYZAY, Augustine Minister of State without Portfolio

The Committee, on 18 December 2001, approved the deletion of the following names from the original list of persons affected by the measures contained in paragraph 7 (SC/7068 dated 4 June 2001).


BASMA, Jamal Informal Adviser to President Taylor

HADDAD(EL HADDAD), Georges Elias 07 SEP 1952 Informal Adviser to President Taylor

HAIKAL, Victor 09 MAR 1937 Northwest Timber Company

KAFEL, Mohammed Informal Adviser to President Taylor

SHEHNY, Abdallah Secretary General, Lebanese Cultural Union".

The Perspective
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