MODEL, Lift the Siege on Buchanan

By Isaac D. Warner, Sr.

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 19, 2003

On yesterday, Sept. 17/03, while rushing through some news items, I came across an article critical of LURD's threat to disengaging from the on-going peace process in Liberia should it not be allowed to have it's way. This news article, which was attributed to the MODEL organization further said that LURD must accept the reality that the war on the Liberian people was over.

What a strong statement of good will coming out of people who just two months ago, killed their fellow Liberians with absolute impunity. MODEL, thank you any way!

Considering the good development outlined above, I, notwithstanding find it difficult understanding why the very MODEL will continue to deny the peace keeping units entry into Buchanan? What is MODEL hiding in Buchanan? Doesn't MODEL realize that even were they to succeed in killing all the Liberian civilians in that town, with the view that their atrocities against the women, children and the elderly remain a hidden fact forever, that the true will still surface in time?

Or do they not know that the world knows a lot of what their forces have done in Buchanan and all the other towns they destroyed? There are photographs and documentaries all over the universe as testimony to these acts of terror. MODEL, like LURD and the Taylor creation have nothing more to hide; many things are already well known.

Consequently, I appeal to you to please do the only honourable thing that is yet left at your disposal, and that is "lifting the hostage taking situation in Buchanan and other towns and villages under your guns".

Using your own warning to LURD that the war is over; and if indeed it is, then lifting the siege on your territories becomes the right thing to do at this point in time. All areas and territories are now those of the people of Liberia, of whom you are an integral part.

This is a chance to presenting yourselves as forces, which free the Liberian people from the recklessness of Charles Taylor and his evil world; do not be another burden on your people.

The challenge is yours. Peace to all of Liberia!