Public School Students Beaten by Police in Monrovia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 2, 2002

Report from Monrovia indicates that students of public schools are demonstrating. Their demonstration is said to be in solidarity with their teachers who are on a go-slow because they have not been paid by the Liberian government for several months. According to the report, several students and a cameraman from DC radio were beaten by police:

"Today (October 2, 2002), public school students went on demonstration because since schools resumed, no public school teachers have been to any of the schools. The students became impatient and decided to demonstrate by going to private schools with the hope that government would listen to them. Paul Mulbah led a contingent of police thugs and they whipped the students without any mercy. In fact, a DC radio station camera man was beaten as well and his camera damaged. That is how ruthless this regime is."

It can be recalled that during the 1997 presidential campaign Mr. Taylor promised each and every Liberian student a computer. But that promise has not come to fruition - basic necessities such as desks and chalk are lacking.

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