Pressure President Taylor to Resign Prior to the Elections

By Winsley S. Nanka

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

January 10, 2002

Mr. Taylor's involvement with the al Qaeda terrorist network as reported by the Washington Post recently is a clear indication that the Liberian ruler is determined to threaten the security of countries not only in the West African Sub-region, but the United States, and other countries around the world.

Mr. Taylor is a threat to world peace and security, therefore, it is the responsibility of every Liberian especially the exile politicians including Charles Walker Brumskine, George Klay Kieh, Jr., Marcus Dahn, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Joseph Korto, Cletus Wotorson among others, to declare Mr. Taylor a terrorist operative and therefore, seek to have him removed from office before any elections are held in Liberia.

Liberians cannot continue to sit silently while Mr. Taylor and his criminal gang continue to make Liberia a breeding ground for international terrorism. Liberians need to understand that Mr. Taylor's involvement with global terrorism has a profound impact on Liberians everywhere.

Liberian politicians and organizations abroad need to show solidarity with the United States and victims of terrorism everywhere by organizing a massive demonstration against Mr. Taylor and the al Qaeda terrorist network. If Liberian politicians, organizations and the Liberian people do not act now, when will they act? How worst can Mr. Taylor get before Liberians recognize that he has to go immediately?

Liberians in America have a history of rising against dictatorships in Liberia. In the 1970s, Mr. Charles G. Taylor, a closet dictator and other Liberians reportedly demonstrated against the policies of William R. Tolbert, Jr. During the Samuel K. Doe regime, Liberians in America again reportedly demonstrated against the dictatorship of Samuel K. Doe. In the earlier 1990s, Liberians in the United States also demonstrated for peace and security in Liberia. Why are they not marching against Mr. Taylor?

By comparison, Mr. Taylor is the worst of all Liberian dictators. In addition, Mr. Taylor has added two new experiences to his resume, an al Qaeda terrorist operative and destabilizer of West Africa.

Mr. Taylor's involvement with global terrorism is a very serious matter. Liberian politicians have the responsibilities to the Liberian people and the community of civilized nations to ensure that Mr. Taylor is removed from power and prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction on global terrorism charges, genocide against humanity and economic crimes.

Liberian politicians have largely remained mute in the face of Mr. Taylor's threats to invoke the 10-year clause in the constitution and to impose the seniority rule in the Liberian Senate. Why are they so silent? Is it because the politicians are afraid that Mr. Taylor may ban them from traveling to Liberia if they criticize him? What good is an opposition if it is afraid to criticize the most brutal regime in Liberian history?

Liberians have to act now, if they want to restore the integrity of Liberia. If this generation of Liberians failed to act, it bears responsibility for the degradation of Liberia by Mr. Taylor and his criminal gang.

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