Taylor Lambastes LCC Leaders, Says no One is Above The President

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Atlanta, Georgia

November 21, 2002

President Charles Taylor addressed the nation yesterday on the Sando Johnson's baseless accusation against Archbishop Michael K. Francis and the entire Catholic Church in Liberia. Yesterday address by Taylor came after he had had a meeting with leaders of the Liberian Council of Churches to discuss Bomi Representative Sando Johnson's barrage of accusations and insult on His Grace, Michael K. Francis. Against the backdrop of Sando Johnson's action, the LCC decided to have solidarity with the Catholic Church by ordering church related schools and medical centers to shut down for three days (Monday 18 - Wednesday 20 Nov. 2002). Taylor appealed to the religious leaders to rescind their decision and have schools and health centers open. The LCC leaders consented and ordered those institutions open.

Taylor's address to the nation yesterday revealed a lot of his evil design. Firstly, he said that he had two options to deal with the LCC decision. First, he would have used the Courts to issue a writ of Mandamus on the LCC to open the aforementioned institutions. Secondly, he would have used force to close down Radio Veritas. Taylor did not stop there. He went further to say that Liberians are quick to forget. According to him, it was just few years ago when heads of Robert Philips, R. Vanjar Richards, and pregnant women were found in the streets of Monrovia.

He again informed Liberians that with LURD's alleged attack coming to his home town of Arthington, anything could happen in Monrovia. That says a lot about Taylor's game plan to begin killing perceived enemies having miserably failed as a leader entrusted with power for more than five years. He can orchestrate something and then blame it on LURD - and as usual, LURD will take the credit for it. Taylor has time and again blamed Samuel Doe for criminal activities when in fact he (Taylor) was a prime beneficiary of Doe dictatorship. He as well as Grace Minor were working with Doe when the 13 officials of the TWP government were killed. They did not resign. Today, they take pleasure in falsely blaming others for that unfortunate situation. Do these people have anything called principle? Mr. Samuel Doe had to sack Taylor for stealing government money to the tone of about US $1m.

Taylor is accusing the leaders of not being concerned about the welfare of students and patients for closing down their institutions for three days in support of the Catholic Church against an unsubstantiated state sponsored scandal against that respected institution and its leader, His Grace, Michael K. Francis. That Sando Johnson is Taylor's pawn is no longer a secret. How can such a social deviant, an arsonist and a mass murder have the nerve to attack a reputable cleric such as His Grace. Taylor is a coward who is used to throwing rocks and hiding his hands. The fact that he could insult the people of Bomi by imposing a nonentity like Sando Johnson as their representative says a lot about how Taylor wish to have this country ruled by a bunch of idiots.

While Taylor personal Kiss radio station had accused the LCC of "knowing" about a pending attack on Monrovia because of the action that was taken by the latter, sources link to state security indicate that some CIA agents are in Monrovia to "assassinate" the president. Had the schools perhaps remained closed after the three days, I am sure that Taylor would have manufactured a story to implicate the LCC. This man is an embodiment of total evil. As 2003 gets closer with no preparation made on the part of the government for the holding free and fair elections, he will continue to cause chaos in Liberia.

Since when Taylor developed interest in Liberian students? Students in government schools were out of schools for the longest to the extend they had to stage a demonstration in which they were brutalized by police led by Paul Mulbah. The reason why public school students were not in schools for more than three weeks was due to government failure to pay their teachers for more than nine months. The same can be said about government health centers. Taylor only show interest in the private church related schools' stay home action because he and his ministers do not send their children in government schools. Let us keep on the watch for Taylor mischiefs as we go down the road.

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