Africans March Against War, Dictatorship & Terror In The Great Lakes Region Of East Africa

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Posted October 18, 2002

The peoples of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda will be joined by human rights groups and friends of Africa this morning [October 17, 2002] in a picket to protest the against two of Africa's worst dictators and terrorists, Lt. Gen. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Gen. Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda
The two military men are being hosted by the British Secretary for International Development Rt. Hon Clare Short in an attempt to resolve the difference between the two, over their spoils, loot and plunder of the DRC, which they illegally invaded and occupied 4 years ago. The result has been the torture and massacre of 3 million Congolese people. Amid this blind, Museveni has killed over 2.7 million people in northern Uganda where, as we went to press, hundreds of thousands are being herded into concentration camps, their property looted or destroyed.

Museveni and Kagame argued that they invaded the DRC in order to fight rebels and protect their own territorial borders. False. The fall out between the two over timber and mineral wealth confirms otherwise. The fact that opposition against them continue is clear. The root causes of conflict in this region which has left over 5 million people dead in the last 10 years is political. Museveni and Kagame should open up political space in their respective countries as the only solution to a lasting peace and stability in the region.

We demand that the British government, which is shamefully the biggest backer (financially and militarily and politically) should not only withdraw that support but urge the two men to;

Resolve all their differences politically; they should talk to their internal political opposition, that there should be a third party mediator in both cases, involving international agencies of repute; cease herding peoples in concentration camps in northern and eastern Uganda; stop arbitrary arrests, detention and disappearance of political opponents across the country; stop using chemical weapons against defenceless population; stop plundering natural resources of the DRC and the massive corruption in high places in both countries - Uganda in particular which is now the 3rd most corrupt country on earth; cease localizing power to the First Families and Immediate Cronies Only; set up a commission of enquiry into the burning down of independent Radio Waa, which was burnt down in Lira town two weeks ago, investigate the day light killing of 57 innocent civilians last week and blaming it on rebels; accordingly, arrest murderers and perpetrators of state sponsored terrorism like Col. Mayombo & Col. Kayanja and, to immediately set free The Monitor newspaper, which was looted and closed last week for reporting on the escalating war in the north. Finally, the two men must permanently and, without conditions, withdraw their troops from the DCR and cease fuelling political, military and ethnic conflicts in that country.

If the British government can assist in resolving a conflict between two of Africa's most wanted men, why can it not compel them to talk to democratic political forces in their countries. If the two men can talk over their war in Congo, why not talk about wars of plunder and destruction in their own countries which has been going on for 15 years?

The peoples of the Great Lakes Region of East Africa are resolved in ensuring that from today onwards, any single death in the region will be carefully logged. Every death in the hands of these two dictators since gunning themselves in State power will have to be justified and, at an appropriate time, indict them for war crimes and, crimes against humanity accordingly, we seek the arrest, detention and trial forthwith, of Lt. Gen. Yoweri Museveni, the most wanted man in Africa.

Joseph Pinytek Ochieno - Chairman, Uganda Peoples Congress External Bureau -
UK /Dr. Walter Okello - Campaign for Political & Human Rights in Uganda.
(On behalf of All Africans Against Dictatorship and Terror in the GLR).
Emails :
Joseph - 07961 104 408 / Walter - 07939 246 236.

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