Kromah And Taylor’s Twisted Logic

By Paul Japheth Sunwabe

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 5, 2002

The past thirteen years has been agonizing for the people of Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia. Countless lives, particularly those of innocent women and children have been destroyed and Liberia itself has been denigrated and consigned to the laughable status of an international pariah. Wars and rumors of wars are now synonymous with Liberian politics, and the country’s traumatized population now lives well below the poverty line. In Africa, Europe and America, sounds of dirges riddle Liberian homes as victims of the humiliating refugee life; parents, aunts and uncles who have died of hypertension, frustration and starvation precipitated by the continued nonsensical Liberian Civil War are laid to rest. As the grieve stricken families try to cope with their losses, they are reminded by Liberian Warlords, and through the many British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interviews that they will not be coming home anytime soon. But, who exactly are the men who have tormented the impoverished people of Liberia for the past thirteen years? And, what have the people of Liberia done to, or against the will of these warlords to warrant the kinds of brutality that has been meted against them? Lastly, where is the international community when genocide continues to rein supreme in Liberia?

Of course, the men who have orchestrated, directed and mastermind what some caring members of the international community have come to call the “Liberian Genocide” are all sons of Liberia. I mean men who were born in Liberia, enjoyed the comfort and security of Liberia, and who at some point in time benefited from jobs and paychecks offered by the same Liberia whose people they have murdered, vituperated and humiliated worldwide, particularly in the West African sub-region.

These haughty men who are very verbose, and obsessed with making excuses and blaming other people for their actions operate with the same logic. Belatedly, some of these warlords, especially General Prince Johnson, General Roosevelt Johnson, and George Boley have been relatively quite while Liberia’s criminal President Charles Taylor and Mr. Alhaji G.V. Kromah have elected to once again take to the airwaves making inflammatory remarks regarding the “Liberian Genocide”, and advancing lies and deceptions in frantic efforts to circumvent their crimes. However, it now makes sense to share lights on the twisted ideological philosophy of some of these warlords, particularly Mr. Alhaji G. V. Kromah who gave an interview to The Perspective Magazine in October 2000. In that interview, Mr. Alhaji G. V. Kromah resorted to anachronism, denials, cants and canards when quizzed about the roles his brutal ULIMO-K rebel faction played in the Liberian atrocity. As history would have it, and as time would permit, I will scrutinize Kromah’s interview and put the Liberian Criminal Warlord to the test in order to ascertain whether or not he was truthful regarding the genocide he and other Liberian Warlords committed against the conscience of Africans.

As one begins to read “Alhaji The Executioner Kromah’s” lies, it becomes painfully clear that he operates with the same mindset and logic of his partner in the destruction of lives and prosperity in Liberia, Mr. Charles “Criminal” Taylor. I have dubbed this logic the “The Perverted Logic of Kromah and Taylor”. In Kromah’s October 2000 The Perspective cants, he meticulously avoided the real issues he was confronted with, and took the reputable The Perspective Magazine for a ride that led to a super highway of excuses, denials and blames shifting. Particularly significant, the notorious Liberian Warlord, and a career con artist seemed to have out smarted his interviewers by not answering a single question. Instead, he was obsessed with listening to himself, and indulging The Perspective with false statements just like Mr. Taylor has done with Western and African journalists over the past ten plus years.

Now, let’s listen to Mr. Lying Kromah: “You mean the kind of alliance that was between Hitler and the Jews, or the one between the devil and Jesus in the wilderness, or between Mohamed and Satan…If there were ever any kind of “alliance” between me and Taylor, the BTC barracks and its Krahn contents would have been “carpet bombed and flattened” during the 1996 hostilities between pro-government forces and the Krahn oriented forces (AFL, LPC, and ULIMO-J)”. Alhaji, it is one thing to preside over the killings of women and children, and it is yet another thing to try to refute historical facts in such an irresponsible, and hasty faction. Please remember the many eyes witness accounts, the UN reports on Liberia, the US State Department documentary, and of course, Mr. Stephen Ellis’ “The Mask of Anarchy”. All of the mentioned sources point to an alliance between you and your buddy Mr. Taylor on April 6 1995. Why would everybody lie on you regarding an alliance that even ECOMOG contends existed between you and Mr. Taylor? Is it because they harbor some kind of resentment for you in particular, or your murderous ULIMO-K fiction? The fact of the matter is that you and Taylor planned to liquidate the entire Krahn leadership in the vicinity of Camp Johnson Road, the UN Drive and the Barclay Training Center because their presence posed serious threats to you and your traditionally obsession with Liberian political power. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to placate ULIMO-J, the AFL and the LPC in any ways. But, faced with imminent annihilation, they gallantly fought off the so-called “Kromah-Taylor” killing forces. Note that the AFL, LPC and ULIMO-J were just as criminal and brutal as NPFL and ULIMO-K. In fact, they were so violent that when they killed Kromah’s master “Mandingo Executioner” General Doumbuya, they cannibalized him publicly.

The most painful, and yet laughable thing about Kromah’s interview is the fact that he described his ULIMO-K thugs as resistance forces. Beyond this, he tried very hard to reject his rightful title, “a Liberian Warlord”. Additionally, the University of Liberia educated lawyer turned warlord implied that he and ULIMO-K had only acted in self-defense. Africans, does this sound familiar? Well, this is the “Taylor-Kromah’s logic” at it’s best.

Back in 1990, Taylor told the world that his NPFL was nothing more than a group of freedom fighters whose interest in Liberian affairs was the liberation of the Liberian people, particularly those of Nimba County who endured ten years of Samuel Doe’s ruthlessness. But liberation for Liberia meant the total destruction of the country’s limited infrastructures, the looting of prosperity by Taylor and his NPFL elite, and most importantly the execution of Krahn and Mandingo women and children, and prominent Nimbaians such as Jackson F. Doe, Samuel Dokie, Stephen Daniels and Moses with Duopu.

Based on the twisted logic of both Taylor and Kromah, self-defense means capitalizing on the legitimate grievances of some members of the Liberian society, and exploiting those grievances to commit heinous crimes against humanity while personally enriching oneself. According to their perverted logic, when you are questioned about your crimes, than you can say something like this: “given the crimes committed against the Mandingoes, actions had to be taken to halt Mr. Taylor’s forces”. For Kromah and ULIMO-K, those actions included the killings of innocent Liberians; particularly members of the Kpelles, Lormas, Manos and Gios who found themselves in Kromah’s diamond rich Lofa and Grand Cape Mount Counties.

Stephen Ellis captures Kromah’s handy works in these sad words, “factions advertised their ferocity by putting skulls at the side of their road-blocks… ULIMO-K was even reported to have a checkpoint where the cord, which blocked the road, was formed by human intestines” (The Mask of Anarchy 1999, p. 46). But the self-proclaimed Liberian opposition leader dismisses Ellis’ book as a volume rushed to meet publication deadlines. Kromah’s own book is supposed to be coming up, but the only thing is that it will be lit with more lies and denials. Beyond this, credible Liberians will not be interested in reading an ethnic monologue that is solely based on bias, and that tries to justify crimes committed against humanity.

In his continued infatuation with denials, Kromah told The Perspective Magazine that his faction never looted, or benefited from any illegal economic transactions in his controlled territories. Again, the abundance of post-Liberian Civil War evidence does not seem to support Kromah’s position at all. Stephen Ellis is even more candid and emphatic in refuting Kromah’s claims: “But when ULIMO-K arrived, they took everything across the border…since ULIMO-K was run by Mandingo traders, and raised many of its fighters in Guinea, it was particularly noted for its tendency to loot and export what it had stolen” (Mask of Anarchy 1999, p.134). So, ULIMO-K did loot Liberia just like the NPFL, LPC, ULIMO-J, etc. Stephen Ellis again decried Kromah’s theft in these succinct words, “The faction had its own immigration and customs services through which it controlled travelers’ movements, and levied taxes on trade” (Mask of Anarchy 1999, p.134).

In spite of these evidence, and the endless US Department of State reports and Congressional testimonies that accused Liberian Warlords of looting our national resources for their personal bank deposits. Kromah tells us that his faction did not steal anything. On charges of genocide and crimes against humanity, Kromah gave The Perspective Magazine a rather interesting response, and that is, any tribunal set up for Liberia should try people like Dr. Amos Sawyer, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and a host of other Liberians. But the question had nothing to do with Dr. Sawyer or Mrs. Sirleaf. Again, this is a classic display of the perverted logic of Kromah and Taylor. I mean these guys will never boldly address any questions relating to their crimes.

In the recent rubbish he sent to The Perspective Magazine, the verbose and bombastic Liberian criminal now wants the UN tribunal in Sierra Leone to indict Mr. “Criminal” Taylor. This author is thankful that Kromah is at least attempting to add his voice to those of us who want to see Liberian criminals punish for their crimes. Since Kromah is so interested in a tribune for Liberia, I would respectful suggest that he turn himself over to the court in the Hague for the many crimes he committed against the Kpelles and Lormas in Lofa County. And just incase he has forgotten his crimes, let me remind him form Ellis’ “Mask of Anarchy” again: “When ULIMO-K invaded Upper Lofa County…the Mandingo fighters took cruel revenge, occupying towns where they had previously had no permanent rights of residence” (Mask of Anarchy 1999 p.127). To the outrage of the Loma and Kpelle inhabitants, they systematically pillaged the sacred groves of the Poro society, desecrating these holy places and stealing the masks and other religious objects”. Alhaji, these are your crimes, and if you are a true African man as you have so passionately professed, why don’t you assume responsibility for your actions and stop shifting blames and playing the ethnic cards?

As this author tries to hold his peace while he fixates on Kromah’s crimes, he is once again reminded about Alhaji’s colorable interview with The Perspective. Obsessed with lies and spineless like Charles Taylor, the man with whom he once formed an arcane ethnic cleansing alliance on April 6 1996, Kromah averred in October 2000 that ULIMO-K was never interested in profiting from the Liberian Civil War. As usual, the nefarious Liberian Warlord whom many Liberians from Lofa and Bong County considered to be the Liberian equivalent of Germany’s Hitler lied again. Ellis is even more emphatic in exposing the Liberian Warlord and his twisted logic: “In a border area of Lofa County some UIIMO-K fighters who had stolen a car, dismantled it and recruit force laborers to carry the parts on their heads over bush paths to nearby Guinea… This was done in order for the car to be exported without being looted from them in turn by the more senior ULIMO-K commanders who controlled the roads” (Mask of Anarchy 1999, p.126).

Kromah, please admit your crimes! While you are bent on lying, Ellis’ book is replete with historical accuracy. And, lets listen to Ellis again: “The looted mask, some of them very old, are said to have been sold on the international art market by Alhaji Kromah’s right-hand man in Conakry, a Guinea dealer in African antiquities” (Mask of Anarchy 1999, p.128). Alhaji what was your share of the money earned on the mask? It is disgusting for a man who calls himself a devout Muslim to loot, desecrate and destroy other peoples’ religious and cultural institutions. Will Kromah be happy if Liberian Mosque were looted as he did to the holy places of the Kpelles and the Lomas? But it appears that Kromah does not like Stephen Ellis’ book, and now, it only make sense to turn to other sources to buttress the claims made by Ellis’ “Mask of Anarchy”.

For example, on September 28, 1996, Kromah and ULIMO-K brutally murdered hundreds of innocent Liberian women, children and defenseless men in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County. Kromah, please allow me to remind you of your crime and the list of your victims: Miaata Barlo, Lutee Barlo, Mama Barlo, Garti Barlo, Tata Barlo; Jenneh Barlo, Satta Barlo and Sanda Barlo. Mr. Kromah, how would you term the elimination of the Barlo family by men who took commands from you? Could this be genocide, or a crime against humanity? Please educate us on what constitutes genocide, and crimes against humanity. Beyond the Barlo family, there were other victims in Sinje as well: Varney Zodua, Bendu Zodua, Siatta Zodua; Mary Kenney; Emanuel Jesse, Morris Kiawu and Varney Farma.

Alhaji, do you remember Lucinii Sumai, Pop Joe, Sando (daughter of Mama Darwolo), Momo Zodua, Mary Boyah, and Sando the lady from Gunn Town? Knowing you Mr. Alhaji Kromah, I am sure you will apply the twist logic of Taylor to deny the crime you committed on September 28 1996. This author regrets the fact that time will not permit him to disclose the list of adductees, who were later murdered, and ULIMO-K fighters used their intestines as tool booths. Now, it only makes sense to disclose the name of top ULIM-K executioners who carried out this heinous crime: Battle Front Commander, Jackson, Opa Sandi, Mack Typson, Jahanama, Operations, Jabated, Col Dardo, Tarweh, Mohammed Dambodambo, and Po-Boy Sheriff. Let us not forget the victims and the fact that this massacre was carried out by ULIMO-K and Alhaji Kromah.

Let us now return to Kromah and Taylor’s perverted logic. You see, these two men are driven by the same ideological convictions: they are ethnic chauvinist, opportunists, liars and low levels criminals. What is troubling about Kromah is that he does not seem to get over the fact that he is a Mandingo, and that Liberian Mandingoes shared Liberia with other ethnic groups. Beyond this, the only crimes he is aware of are those committed against 75 members of his family, and our Mandingo brothers and sisters who were murdered by Taylor’s Gio and Mano thugs. As for the many Manos, Gios, Kpelles and Lomas whom his Mandingo thugs and imported illiterate Guinean rapists bayoneted in places like, Grand Cape Mount, Lofa and Bong Counties, were not humans enough, and their plights did not feature in Kromah’s senseless tirades and proclamations. But for a man who has not transcended ethnicity to claim he wants to become the next president of a multi-ethnic nation like Liberia is deeply troubling. If he succeeds, every thing that is not Mandingo, or Guinean will have no place in Liberia. Quite frankly, Liberia does not need ethnic zealots like Kromah and Taylor who continues to manipulate ethnicity for political expediency. These career gangsters (i.e. Kromah and Taylor) need to be brought to justice for the crimes they committed against us. Other Liberian Warlords including General Prince deranged Johnson; Roosevelt confused Johnson, and Dr. George Murderer Boley need to be brought to justice too.

I have not used the words opportunists and ethnic chauvinists in vain. Note that Kromah is not one of the original founders of the ULIMO movements. Like Taylor, he ascended to the top post of ULIMO through coercion, murder and duplicity. Remember that Taylor was in the United States of America womanizing as usual, compiling Cs and Ds at Bentley College when Moses Duopu and other Nimbians founded NPFL. But, like his good old friend Kromah did to General Albert Karpeh, he killed Moses Duopu, Cooper Teah, and confined Benjamin Cooper to a brutal refugee life in Cocody La Cote Divoire. In their tales of loots and denials, Kromah and Taylor sought to turn everything in Liberia into some kind of family prosperity: Kromah turned the Liberian Finance Ministry into “Kromah’s Family Inc.” and appointed his brother Lasannah Kromah, who was instructed to withhold money from the National Bank of Liberia. While the Finance Ministry, or may I rightly say the “Kromah’s Family Inc.” owed the National Bank of Liberia 700 million Liberian dollars, or US 10 plus million dollars in 1995, the family ministry never made any payments to the National Bank of Liberia. Instead, the money was siphoned to Blanca Commerciale Italiana in New York. Liberians do not know what happened to their money, but Kromah and his family got very wealthy from the many crimes committed against Liberia and its people.

As for Taylor, he sent his older brother Nelson Taylor to Sinoe County to control what was left of the “Taylor’s Inc.” after George Boley’s LPC dislodged the NPFL from Sinoe County. Mr. Nelson Taylor got so busy running the family business that he forgot that Mr. Boley was also running the same business. When the two met, Nelson was ambushed, and roosted and eaten for supper. Remember that all of the Liberian factions stand accused of cannibalism.

One is tempted to go on and on about the twist immutable philosophy of Alhaji Kromah and Charles Taylor, but at this juncture, this author will take a break to focus on his next article title, “Kromah Again”. This time around, I would consider the possibility for a UN tribunal for Liberia and would extend an invitation to the Liberian educated attorney, Mr. Alhaji G. V. Kromah to appear at a first tier American Law School in Washington DC to discuss the Liberian Genocide. I am rather hopeful that Mr. Kromah will accept my invitation.

About the Author: Paul Japheth Sunwabe is a co-founder and President of Freedom and International Justice Foundation, a multi-racial Washington DC political organization seeking social justice, democratization and economic reforms in Liberia.

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