UNIBOA's Issues Statement on the Liberian Crisis


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 27, 2003

United Bassa Organizations In the Americas (UNIBOA) takes humanitarian position on the Liberian Crisis.

We, the citizens of the Bassa Counties (Grand Bassa, River Cess, Margbi and Montserrado) residing in the United States of America, take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to the Hon. Kofi Anan, decision makers of the United Nations, the United States, the people and governments of Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Great Britain and the Republic of South Africa for their diplomatic gesture and intervention in the Liberian civil conflict. Also, we extend a special thank to the President and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the speedy deployment of troops into Liberia. Our prayers go to those peace-loving nations who are also in the process of sending troops to bring a lasting peace to our beloved country.

Over the last 14 years, our international, national and diplomatic integrity as a nation and people have been non-existent due to the civil war. The best-known topic or history one can point to since 1989 is “WAR” and the lost of lives and infrastructures. War is the daily lesson that was provided by the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Government and the warring factions to our people, especially our youngsters who were forced into child soldiering in many views. One may say that since the occurrence of the first coupe detat in April of 1980; Liberia has not had a stable society, especially, within the various counties where every law in the history of Liberia has no value and substance. Today, some of these counties are still under the terror of fighters loyal to “Movement for Democratic Change in Liberia” (MODEL). Currently, Model’s fighters are raping, killing and destroying properties in Maryland, Sinoe, Rivercess, and Grand Bassa Counties. At this present, MODEL is stationed in the City of Buchanan, where they continue to manhandle and torture unarmed civilians.

Many of the citizens who managed to escape, reported that if the international Peace Keeping Troops do not enter Bassa in the next week or two, the world will witness one of the worst devastating destruction in African history in our time. Based on these circumstances, we the citizens of the Bassa Counties residing in the United States of America, do hereby demand, that MODEL and government troops allow international aid workers and observers to enter Buchanan and other parts of the country without any conditions. Failure to allow Peace Keepers into the City of Buchanan and elsewhere would be considered a violation of the Peace Agreement signed in Ghana, by all factions to the conflict. We believe that the Liberian people deserve a better life in their own country, especially, the people that are living in Buchanan who have been cut off from the rest of Liberia. As we speak, raping, killing and torture are the daily activities of those who claimed to be the messiah for the Liberian people. What we want the rest of the world and the Liberian people to know is that, these criminal gangsters who are causing unnecessary pain, torture and death to our people will be brought to justice.

Therefore, we are prayerfully confident that these groups will realize the importance and grave concern that the Liberian people, the United Nations, the United States and peace loving people through out the world attached to ending this war for good. We urge the government troops and rebel factions to please surrender their arms to the international Peace Keepers for the sake of peace and stability in our country. The United Bassa Organizations in the Americas (UNIBOA) believes in the rules of law, peace and the well being of the citizens of Liberia. For this reason, we are working very hard to bring educational and other humanitarian assistance to the people of Liberia. We urge all civilized groups and peace loving citizens to join the international community to welcome the Interim government in October, in order to bring relief and restore recognition back to our nation. One nation, one people under God’s command. May God save Liberia!

Issued on Tuesday, August 26, 2003, in the city of Newark, New Jersey, U. S. A.

T. Bahndyu DahnSaw
National President, UNIBOA

G. Walter Greenfield
Chairman, Board of Directors