Correcting Untruths

By Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 30, 2002

I have read with alarm the comments relating to me in Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh's salvo of 28 August "When Fools Become Critics: The Platitudes of Ike Coleman" which is carried by "The Perspective" today, 29 August.

Although over the years I have developed a thick skin and learned to accept unfair criticisms from the many who are jealous of my achievements, I cannot let the untruths in that statement go unchallenged.

The facts are as follows:

There are several well respected and relevant persons who can attest to these simple truths.

Finally, a few words on Liberia's hosting of the OAU summit in 1979 to which Dr. Fahnbulleh refers. I suggest that those wanting to be a bit more informed regarding the state of the Liberian economy in 1979/1980, including issues relating to debt and expenditures on the OAU hosting, should read the article I contributed to the Liberian Studies Journal, Volume XIV, 1989, Number 2.

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