A Liberian Family Goes on Hungry Strike to Protest LURD’s Continued Attacks on the Liberian People

( Letter)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

July 29, 2003

Editor’s Note: The atrocities that LURD is administering to the hapless Liberian people have caused a Liberian family to go on hunger strike. In a letter to this paper and other organizations, a Liberian who only identified himself as Isaac D. Warner, Sr. says he and his family are going on hunger strike to protest the carnage in Monrovia. Below is the email from Mr. Warner:

Please pass this message on to the organization calling itself LURD; that effective today, July 28, 2003, I and my family will begin a hunger strike and will continue until they stop their indiscriminate killings of the Liberian population; and in the process, should anything happen to me or my family, I want the world to count us as victims of the insanity imposed on our people by Mr. Taylor and those seeking to depose him and his wicked creation.

LURD should also take note of the reality that they risk a law suit being filed against them and their sponsors for war crimes related offences should they continue their mass killings of the Liberian children, mothers and the weak in their quest to capturing Monrovia at all costs; a situation that makes them no different from Charles Taylor.

LURD is therefore being asked one more time by the dying Liberian nation
to cease their military actions so that Liberians may, after being abandoned by the USA and the rest of the world, return to their churches and mosques, asking God to forgive you, Taylor and all those who knowingly made their lives a living hell over the past many years.

Please fellow Liberians at LURD, do not underestimate the power of resentment; you only need to ask those who were before you. You may probably win the battle now, but the war on national reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction, needs everything other than your weapons of mass killings.

Isaac D. Warner, Sr.