What election?

By Jesse B. Ghoah

The Perspective

December 12, 2001

The 2003 scheduled election in Liberia is less than two (2) years away. So, every able Liberian and his brother and sister are lining up and positioning themselves to run for the presidency of Liberia. Some of the jockeying by the wannabes includes suggestions to have a conference with Charles Taylor to discuss the problems of Liberia. The real motive behind these suggestions to meet with Charles Taylor, in my opinion, is to see if Charles Taylor will endorse anyone of the wannabes. How soon we forget! It has been over four (4) years since Charles Taylor came to power. During that time period, there have been meetings, seminars, discussions; you name it, on the problems of Liberia. Did those meetings make any difference? You be the judge of that. Charles Taylor is not interested in the Liberian people or their problems. All he is interested in is raping off the country's meager resources. In the last election, there were 13 candidates running to be president of Liberia. I wonder how many are going to run this time!

The funny thing about politics in Liberia is that Liberian politicians have very short memories. Incredible, isn't it? 11 out of the 13 candidates, who ran the last time around, failed to garner 1% of the votes each. I hope that those candidates who will run this time can garner at least 1% of the votes each, if Charles Taylor should allow for a free and fair election to be held in Liberia in 2003. I doubt seriously that Charles Taylor will allow for a free and fair election to be conducted in Liberia in 2003. If you ask me why I don't think Charles Taylor will permit a free and fair election in 2003, my answer is simple. I am realistic. Besides, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the person who caused the death of over 200,000 of his countrymen to come to power, would relinquish that power because someone wants him to do so. The point I am trying to make is that Charles Taylor will not allow for a free and fair election to be conducted in Liberia in 2003, if any election is going to be held at all. Here is why I
make that point:

1. If a free and fair election were to be held in 2003, Charles Taylor knows that he could verywell be voted out of office. I don't think, even those "you killed my ma, you killed my pa, I vote for you" will vote for him this time.

2. Mr. Taylor knows also that if anybody else, other than one of his apologies, is elected president of Liberia, he will hang or be put behind bars for the rest of his natural life for the atrocities he has committed against the Liberian people.

3. Charles Taylor knows also that there aren't too many places in Africa, Europe, or the United States, where he will be welcome with his tainted wealth, once he is out of office.

4. Mr. Taylor knows that if he falls, and fall he must, and if somebody else who cares about the Liberian people is elected president, most, if not all of his (Charles Taylor's) cohorts will fall with him.

5. Mr. Taylor knows that if an honest government Should come to power in Liberia, he (Charles Taylor) will be held accountable for pillaging the meager resources of Liberia.

6. Charles Taylor knows also that if he should Decide to cancel, postpone, or rig the electionin 2003, the Liberian people and the rest of the world will not do anything about it, certainly George Bush will not lift a finger.

7. Charles Taylor knows that he is protected, as long as he remains in Power in Liberia. His illicit wealth enables him to hire as many mercenaries as possible to protect him and his family.

8. Charles Taylor is a criminal, and like most Criminals, they try to stay one step ahead of their victims. Thus, this criminal, Mr. Taylor, will figure out a reason or some way, to either postpone or cancel the 2003 election. Mr. Taylor also knows that the Liberian People are not only passive, but gullible as well. By suggesting that a meeting, between Charles and our so called politicians, is needed to discuss the problems in Liberia, is evident that there are some who think that Charles Taylor should still play an important role in Making changes in Liberia.

9. Charles Taylor knows that members of the Election Commission are his hand picked appointees. It is clear to me, that that group of people will do anything and everything to keep Charles Taylor in power.

10 If an election were to be held in Liberia in 2003, who, among the contenders, will have the money, access to the people in the interior, and the trust of the Liberian people, to compete with Charles Taylor?

Now, if Charles Taylor knows, as I suspect he does, all that I have mentioned above, is anybody out there who thinks that Charles Taylor will get religion and therefore allow a free and fair election in Liberia in 2003? If there are some who think so, I have got news for you. I will sell you piece of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City!

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