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Congratulatory Message to Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President-elect, Republic of Liberia

County Federation in USA Congratulates newly-Elected Government

Africa's First Female President's Private Visit Turned Into a Semi-Official Visit

Grand Gedeh Association Concerns About Recent Developments in Liberia

What will it take for us to learn?
(By Francis N. Kateh)
Liberia, our beloved Country is at a crossroads again and the international community and the world are watching what will happen on November 8, 2005. Are we going to repeat the same mistakes that have led our Beloved Country down the path she has followed for the last twenty years plus or are we going to see reason to change the course of our destructive path and join a community where nepotism is not the order of the day, nor corruption the agenda?

Liberia Cannot Afford On-the-job Training For Its President: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Should Be Elected
(By Mohamedu F. Jones)
Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should be elected the next President of Liberia; it is the right thing to do. In addition, it is the logical, reasonable, and long-view thing to do. The pleasure one gets from cutting off their nose to spite their face is short-lived; then he or she experiences severe physical and emotional pain from the gross disfigurement that results from that brash act. Electing Ambassador Weah to be our next President would be the political equivalent of cutting off our national nose

The Second Round of the Liberian Presidential Election
Favors George Manneh Weah

(By Winsley S. Nanka)
The second round of the Liberian presidential election between Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf and Liberia's soccer millionaire, George Manneh Weah is likely to favor George Manneh Weah because the Liberian voters are disillusioned with the Liberian political class.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
George Weah
Liberian Presidential Politics: Our Finest Hour Yet
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
Now that the first round of elections is over, the real game has just begun --- pitting George Weah against Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. The winner takes all after this crucial round, which must end in sudden-death’, figuratively, for one or the other. It is our fervent hope that Liberians of all stripes will come to accept the finality of the results instead of creating tensions that could eventually lead to violence, given our tentative (explosive) state.

We Remain Resolute (Forum)
DETRACTOR OF PRESS freedom as well as others who are enemies the emergence of democracy of purpose, especially at this time when the Liberian nation was finding every possible outlet to stand again elected to threaten our staff upon the publication of our last week’s edition under the banner headline: Secret Hands Behind Weah’s Presidency: -George Dweh Eyes Defense, Julu Returns Soon.

Women Organization Expresses Concern Over Inter-Tribal Politics (Forum)
One of the women organizations operating in the country has expressed serious concern over what appears to be “inter-tribal politics” creeping in the face of the run-off elections.

Forum Blacklisted (Forum)
The FORUM newspaper has been blacklisted by affiliates and sympathizers of Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) for critically reporting on issues concerning the party.

Forum Replies New Broom (Forum)
The FORUM newspaper has described the 9 October 2005 story published in the error-packed New Broom newspaper captioned: “Ellen Secret Media Meeting Exposed,” of which the paper mentioned that Madam Sirleaf met with certain media heads including The FORUM Managing Editor, Augustus Fallah at the Urban Hotel...

Terrible Days Ahead! (Forum)
(By: F Shelton Gonkerwon )
Tomorrow which is expected to glitter with press freedom, freedom of speech as well as all essential elements of democracy may drag under the dust of bad governance with dictatorship its coefficient if present trend to muzzle the press, intimidate media practitioners by officials of certain political party

Win or Not I’ll Stay Here - Ellen Tells Liberians (Forum)
The Standard-bearer of the Unity Party, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, says no matter what happens in the elections “I will continue to live in the country,” adding, “I’m here, I’m home to stay, period.”

Political Parties, Politicians Split On Support For George Weah, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf For Run Off Election
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
With the second round of the 2005 presidential election now set for November 8 between the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) of Amb. George Weah and the Unity Party (UP) of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, intense political maneuvering and lobbying characterized by deep seated division appears to be dominating political parties and other interest groupings.

There We Go Again
(By Eric S. Kaba )
Liberia is home to some of the most hopeful, peace-loving, resilient and determined people on the continent of Africa and in the world. Sadly though, it seems like some Liberians are once again poised to repeat one of the most tragic mistakes of the past two decades. The mistake is that of casting their votes based on emotions rather than doing so on the basis of what is prudent and sensible.

George Weah Faces Ellen Johnson Sirleaf In a Live Presidential Debate
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The two frontrunners in the first round of Liberia’s post-war elections will come face to face in a live presidential debate in the lead-up to the run-off on November 8. The debate is scheduled to be held on November 3rd at the Continental Pavilion in Monrovia.

The election of George Weah is a danger to Liberia’s recovery
Liberia has been at a cross road for over twenty-five years and is today an endangered country, which has reached a critical mass and the bubble of destruction seems inevitable if the right leader is not elected during these crucial elections.

Combating and Reversing the Tide of Ethnic Bigotry
Life at the beginning of post-conflict Liberia presents us with a disturbing reality, one that Liberians are capable of escaping, if we so desire. Ethnic identity has come to be the hallmark of whether or not Liberians have the word “target” written on their backs

The 23rd President Will Arrive Lame
By Gbe Sneh)
The winner of the looming Presidential Run-Off, the 23rd President of the Republic of Liberia, will arrive lame. At least, that is what the general elections is announcing. Both candidates vying for the Commander-in-Chief title, Mr. George Weah and Mrs. Sirleaf, fought valiantly at the battle front. But where were their respective generals (senators on the tickets) and lieutenants (representatives on the tickets)? They all disappeared, save three generals each on each side. The Commander-in-Chief would have won the battle, but would have a clearly visible limp; there will not be enough soldiers for the War of Congress.

A Case of Faulty Arithmetic – A Rejoinder to J.M. Addy’s “ Did Liberian Voters Reject George Weah?”
(By George Yuoh )
It is often said that it is an honorable and a humble thing for one to know his limitations, and thus confine himself to his comfort zone. To do otherwise is to open oneself up to scorn and mockery. Mr. J.M. Addy’s feeble and skewed attempt to mathematically analyze results of the first round of voting in Liberia’s recent election, as per his article, Did Liberian Voters Reject George Weah Candidacy?”...

Did Liberian Voters Reject George Weah Candidacy?
(By J. M. Addy)
By a three to one margin, Liberian voters have rejected George Weah as a viable candidate for president of Liberia. With nearly ninety percent of the votes cast counted as of Sunday, October 16, 2005, George Weah has received 30 percent of the votes. This means that by a 3 to 1 margin, the majority of Liberian voters are rejecting George Weah's candidacy for president and embraced competence and substance over celebrity, popularity and illiteracy.

37,107 Invalid Votes Recorded In Liberia’s Polls
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
In the wake of the counting and tallying of ballots from the October 11 polls by the National Elections Commission (NEC), two multi-national institutions, who are monitoring these elections have expressed their concern about the persistent increased of invalid votes. Will the Elections Solve Liberia’s Problems?
(By Eric Kaba)
My intention in this article is to look at whether the just concluded elections will set the stage for the type of peaceful atmosphere needed to devise programs and policies that could lead to a solution of the country’s problems. I had at first planned to write this article a week or so before the elections.

We Decry Tribalism in Democracy (Forum)
WE AGREE THAT the will of the majority regarding the unfolding electoral events is holding water in the process that is internationally endorsed as free, fair and transparent.

The Executive Mansion: Too Close, Yet Far (Forum)
(By: Lewis K. Glay)
The race to the Executive Mansion which began on 11 October 2005 appears to be tortuous taking into consideration the supports given the individual presidential candidates by the Liberian voters in the ongoing elections.

High Expectation -Liberians Again (Forum)
(By: A.Bob Fallah)
October 11,2005 has come and gone and is now history-the day, date and year when Liberians went to the polls to elect the country’s leadership to the Executive Mansion and the both houses of parliament.

Election 2005 Update
Here is the latest update from the National Elections Commission. The second update is scheduled for this evening:
Elections 2005 Update
The Chairperson of the National Elections Commission has given the first update for today, October 13, 2005. The second update for the day is expected at 7:00 pm this evening. Madam Frances Johnson-Morris announced the results of 78 stations out of 3070 polling stations.

Thoughts and Observations on Early Election Returns
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
I know it will probably be a long while before we know who will become Liberia’s next leader. There will most possibly be a second round of voting in November to determine the real winner. In Liberian football parlance: ‘Some of these “fee-see” or “gbeh-leh” players will be standing on the sidelines (some could be on their knees praying), holding their jerseys, when the real players finish the game.

A Quiet in Monrovia As Liberians Nervously Await Elections Results
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
In the words of the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General to Liberia, Mr. Alan Doss, “it was a great day for Liberia.” Another international observer said that Liberians have set the bar higher for other countries in terms of campaign and electoral conduct. After six weeks of a mostly civil campaign, Liberian voters went to the polls yesterday to take part in the first post-war presidential and legislative elections.

Elections Update
The results from yesterday’s elections in Liberia have started to arrive in Monrovia. The National Elections Commission (NEC) has just announced the results from 39 polling centers out of about 3,000 centers. The results are from parts of Bassa County, Maryland County, Grand Gedeh, Upper Bong and Upper Monserrado. According to the figures given by the Commission, Unity Party’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is in the lead with 26.4%. She is followed by the King himself - (CDC’s George Weah) - with 24.6%. Charles Brumskine’s Liberty Party and Winston Tubman’s NDPL took home 10.2% a piece.

Liberia Decides Its Future Today
After fifteen years of senseless civil conflict that slaughtered over 250,000 hapless people in this West African country, elections are underway in Liberia. There is a heavy turnout! Some people claimed to have even slept at the polling centers just to have a shot at being the first to vote at their respective centers in these crucial elections. Others joined the queues as early as 4:00 am local time. They took their chairs, benches, stools and what have you in an effort to prepare for a long day. Some even sat on the ground. Liberians are voting for education, better health services, electricity, telecommunication, and better good road network, while others just vote for a change. UNMIL forces are plying the streets of Monrovia, to perhaps look for trouble makers or trouble spots.

Peaceful Campaign Ends in Liberia
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)

For a country that has just emerged out of one of the deadliest civil wars in Africa modern history, Liberia has managed to conduct a surprisingly peaceful campaign leading to presidential and legislative elections scheduled for October 11, 2005. Although a few partisans swirled rocks at the convoys of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Varney Sherman on the opening day of campaigning, the process has very calm.

The Final Word: Oh, WhatA Fantastic Voyage
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
If we trace the history of Liberia, chronicling its upheavals, tribulations, shortcomings and growth, we must confess we’ve come a long ways. As we are set to proceed forward, the horizon appears brighter because we’ve given ourselves another opportunity to begin again through the use of that most prominent of democratic tenets, the exercise of suffrage. This has been a fantastic voyage, so far.

Edwin Snowe
LPRC Management Will Not and Can Not Escape the Wrath of Justice
(A Press Statement Issued By TheCenter for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE))
The Center for Democratic Empowerment is appalled at the unwillingness of the NTGL Government to hold its entrusted officials accountable for alleged misapplication of public monies. This unacceptable situation is starkly manifested in the Government of Liberia’s decision to avoid investigating the management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) for the probable misuse and abuse of public funds.

From Disqualified Football Candidate to Commander-In-Chief: Will Liberians Clap For This, Too?
(By James Seitua)
Mr. Gabriel Baccus Matthews is on record for saying that Liberia is what it is because “Liberians are people who clap for anything that is given them.” Mr. Matthews substantiated his claim by drawing attention to the arrest and detention of the late Ambassador Henry Fahnbulleh by the late President William V.S. Tubman on treason charges.

At Pre-Victory Rally, CDC Denied Entry At SKD (Forum)
The Congress for Democratic Change of football star turned politician, George Weah suffered a set back to their pre-victory march over the weekend when thousands of supporters were denied entry into the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville.

Judgment Day Tomorrow! (Forum)
(By: Shelton F. Gonkerwon )
About 1.5 million registered voters representing half of the Liberian population will tomorrow storm the polling centers around the length and breadth of the nation to elect their president and lawmakers thereby closing the chapter of the period of war and all of its associates and subsequently open that of constitutional rule under a democratic environment.

An Appeal To My Countryfolks On The Eve Of A Major National Decision
(By S. Jabaru Carlon)
In less than two weeks (by schedule on October 11th) Liberians at home will be going to the polls to elect those who will lead that war-torn country for the next six years or more. Unfortunately for those of us in the Diaspora, we will not be chanced to take part in such a noble and sacred activity behooving all citizens of a democratic country. Even so, those of us in the Diaspora are no less concerned about the outcome of the votes cast on that eventful day

Roadmap for Genuine National Reconciliation
(John S. M. Russell)
The genuine national reconciliation needed for lasting peace and stability in Liberia will come after certain programs are put in place. Among them are the following:

The Self and the Emergence of Tragedy in Liberian Society
(A Tribute By: Tarnue Johnson)
I write this article in memory of our dear friend and brother, D. Sumoiwu Pewu, who passed away on Sunday, October 2, 2005, after a struggle with cancer. Pewu was always animated by the spirit of free discourse and social criticism. He showed permanent interest in the affairs of his country, and countrymen and women. Pewu was also a man of strong intellect and character who had a rare zeal for genuine social change in his native country.

Debunking The George Weah Myth
(By Dionysius Sebwe)
No matter how much spin we employ or rationalize about a candidate’s leadership deficiency, the election of 2005 is about substance. Thus, Liberians should be encouraged to make honest and objective analysis on each candidate. Moreover, perception is sometimes deceptive, and that’s exactly the dilemma we find ourselves in today. Let’s analyze what George Weah’s supporters are saying
Looking for a President who cares and stands up for others- an examination of the five leading candidates
(By Tiawan S. Gongloe)
The 2005 elections is about choosing a good servant who will commit his or her life to the security, rights, welfare and happiness of the Liberian people for the next six years. In order to make this choice, it is important for the voters to have an idea of each of the candidate. It is for this purpose that some of the candidates have published crucial information about themselves...

Violence, Lies And Smear-Tactics Intended To Undermine The Positive Message Of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf And The Unity Party Campaign
(Issued By The National Communications and Strategy Committee (USA) Ellen-for-President, Unity Party
David K. Williams, Christopher F. Konneh, Tarnue Mawolo, William F. Ponder, David F. Williams, and Francis Sorsor
It will be foolhardy to suggest that lies, violence and political deceptions have just been introduced to the political landscape during our current election season. These are methods that were employed in the past to consolidate power and sustain the status quo of previous administrations.

Ellen's supporters on Broad Street
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: UP and Re-launching From The Top
If today were October 11, Ellen would have been all smiles at the top. Her campaign Team relaunched the campaign today: it was a simultaneous re-launch throughout the country. As early as 6:00 am supporters started converging on central Monrovia. Even those who work in central Monrovia had to start their journey around that time. By 11:00 AM the traffic in Monrovia came to a standstill: Broad street was like a parking lot. Paynseville, New Georgia, Barnesville, Gardnersville and other areas seemed to be even worse than central Monrovia.

Ellen on Broad Street
Lessons in Democracy: Liberia and America
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
The United States of America is supposed to be the modern champion of democracy, although its cradle lies in ancient Greece. But as one lives and observes life in America, it becomes convincingly clear that the American public still has a lot to learn about this phenomenon called democracy; One has only to watch television to learn that America is “selling” the ideas of democracy to other countries around the world, as if she herself practices with a full commitment. Nothing could be further than the truth.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime – ‘NOW or NEVER’
(Issued by the National Communications Committee, (USA)
Ellen-for-President ’05, Unity Party
As we go through this election cycle, we have seen a proliferation of political parties and the recent Supreme Court’s decision could increase that number further. The common expression would be that this is what democracy is all about. Clearly, there are different schools of thoughts on this issue, especially so, a country of approximately 3 million people.

“There is No reason for us to be poor,” says Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
The Standard Bearer of Unity Party, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accorded an exclusive to the German Television station ARD at her residence on Sunday, October 2, 2005. Mrs. Sirleaf touched on a number of subjects and we have transcribed her answers to the questions posed to her by the German television

Government Sponsored Food Production Program Creates Jobs for Combatants, Makes Rural Towns Habitable, Reduces Poverty, etc.
(By J. Yanqui Zaza)
Liberians, if they intend to put a dent in poverty, should embrace the call by world leaders to abandon market-driven policies such as leaving the production of Liberia’s staple food (rice) in the hands of subsistence farmers ad profiteers. At the United Nations General Assembly in September 2005, for example...

A Conspiracy Of Silence Which Must Be Challenged
(By Lawrence S. Green)
When one considers that Liberia and its people have over the years suffered massively because of personal greed, and that that greed is still prevalent today, one realizes that in order for the country to progress under any incoming administration, the next President must be honest, fearless and outspoken and set a standard which will demonstrate to all that he or she is serious and determined to face up-to and deal with problems, both past and present, which have reduced the country to a level of “high disrepute” among the community of nations.

Twenty-two Presidential Aspirants Silent On ‘Gender Issues’
(By: Ekena Wesley)
Throughout the presidential debate there has been complete lack of clarity within the purview of ‘gender issues’ among leaders who are desperately harnessing every effort to secure the mandate of the Liberian people despite the significant number of women voters.

October 11 Is Our Hope And Last Chance: A New Beginning
(James Torh)
I was in West Africa and ran a conference in Dakar for a project that is taking shape- building a network of Human Rights Defenders in the sub region. On my way back to Canada, I made a brief stop over to my dear country-Liberia in the first week of August and saw most moving experiences in the streets of Monrovia...