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RENAISANCE FEVER GRIPS LIBERIA --Thousands of Ellenites Swarm Margibi, Bong Counties

Liberian Group Wants Economic Governance Plan in Place for Six Years

ULAA Cautiously Endorses Proposed Economic Governance Action Plan: Decries Corruption in Liberia

A Symposium to Support Peace Education for Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Liberia

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's Supporters Launched “May 7th Group for Ellen”

Ellen Comments On Unity Party's Momentum

Edwin Snowe Says CIJ Report is “Vicious, Malicious and a Categorical Falsehood”

Aagon F. Tingba, Ojuku T. Nyenpan Earn Masters Degrees in Business Administration

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Takes A Bold Step

(A Thank You Note From The Late Dr. Harry F. Moniba Family)

Special Statement from the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the All-Liberian National Conference, Inc.

Parade of Speakers at the All Liberian National Conference in Columbia, Maryland

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is Keynote Speaker at National Conference

Donor's meeting for Cape Mount Hospital and Clinics

Vai Script Workshop

University of Liberia students cry for Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman Scholarship

"How Much Does My Vote Cost?"
(By Obed Dolo, MD.)
Please tell me Mr. Vote-buying Politician. How much do you offer for my vote? A whole bag of rice or just a cup or two? Is it a sack full of empty promises and blatant lies? Or your one night lavished campaign party?

Heartman, Bo-yo: The Ignorance Base Of This Criminal Ritual
(By Gbe Sneh)
In Monrovia and thereabout, he is called the “Heartman”; “Bo-yo”, is what he is also known as in Maryland County. But throughout Liberia, we know him as the one who kills for human body parts purportedly used in sacrifice. The sacrifice is for any of an array of selfish desires, notorious among them, sacrifice for government positions.

Twenty-Two Candidates On the Rush For The Presidency
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
In less than three consecutive weeks from now, Liberia’s eligible voters of 1.3 million people will be deciding their country’s and children’s future through what is expected to be an internationally supervised free, fair and transparent democratic elections having sailed through fourteen years of bloody civil war that destroyed ten of thousands of innocent lives and led hundred of thousands into displaced camps and foreign lands.

“Forward Ever, Backward Never”
By Gbe Sneh)
Universal suffrage confers on the people full participation in government; it transforms the populace into “masters of their own destiny”. That should be a given; what is not, is the statement that follows. Freedom to vote must carry with it the inherent commitment to remain forever engaged in the affairs of society. If we can harness the energy expended during these campaigns, and apply same to keep watch over how we are governed by those we vote into office..

Brumskine Has His Day in Monrovia
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé )
Wearing A T-shirt and surrounded by thousands of supporters, former senator CharlesW. Brumskine made his entrance into an Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) filled to capacity, almost in chorus, scanting his name and waving under the scorching September sun. It was early afternoon and it had taken us two hours to drive from Fish Market in Sinkor to the stadium, where Liberty Party was launching its Montserrado campaign. I cursed and cursed as traffic moved at snail pace. At 11th Street, we stopped to get gas and that put us way back behind trucks and pickups filled with T-shirts clad partisans, some hanging on the side of vehicles.
Official photos of the 22 qualified candidates for the Liberian Presidency in the October 11 Elections.
Click the link above for photos of Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates in the October 11, 2005, elections

What is at Stake for Liberians in the 2005 Elections?
(By Francis W. Nyepon )
Liberia did not just have bad leaders; it had a bad system of governance. It perpetuated a culture of impunity, mismanagement, corruption, discrimination and hopelessness. It brought us to our knees, and forced upon us outcomes of authoritarianism, ethnic squabbles and factional violence.

“Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Lacks the Credibility to Lead Liberia”, says Mrs. Tarloh Munah Quiwonkpa
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
Mrs. Tarloh Munah Quiwonkpa, the widow of General Thomas Quiwonkpa says that “Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf needs to step up to the plate and level with the Liberian people about her role in the 1985 abortive coup” that left hundreds of Liberians dead including her husband.

Harry Greaves Steps Down From NTGL, Liberia Action Party
Harry Greaves, Gyude Bryant's Economic Advisor has decided to step down from his position.

Who Wants To Kill Weah? (Forum)
Latest anonymous leaflet in Monrovia has created a pandemonium amongst Liberians about an alleged assassination plan to eliminate Congress for Democratic Change George

Countering the Effects of Brain Drain Through Education: Suggestions for Liberia
(By Sakui Malakpa)
Socio-economic pundits emphasize that the constant flow of skilled human resources from developing countries to the developed world is bound to deter the socio-political and socio-economic development of the developing world. This flow, referred to as the “brain drain,” is said to be orchestrated carefully by developing countries which are greedy and insensitive to the plight of the developing world.

Ellen Receives Endorsement From Car Washers In Monrovia
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf - The Candidate For The Average Liberian With The Requisite Training And Experience To Lead Liberia
(Issued by The National Communications & Strategy Committee (USA) of the Ellen - For - President Committee)
Liberians are expected to participate widely in general elections slated for October 11 2005. So far, the most dominant Liberian female politician and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has led a campaign that emphasizes shared optimism and vision about the future of Liberia. She has been consistent in fostering a message of hope to Liberians offering herself as the most competent candidate to lead the country at this time. With a rich resume that includes prominent positions with the United Nations and the World Bank, Mrs. Sirleaf would like to employ her enviable professional experience and international contacts to rebuild Liberia while putting in place the basic tenets of democracy.
The 2005 Liberian Election: A Test Of Liberian Common Sense
By Tiawan Saye Gongloe)
In about three weeks, Liberians of voting age will collectively choose one of the 22 presidential candidates to lead Liberia for the next six years. Who that person will be is a difficult guess at this moment. The difficulty of making such a guess is based on the apparent confusion that the list of candidates has created. Never before have Liberians being so confused about choosing a leader.
Vivian J. Edwards
A Celebration Of The Life Of Vivian J. Edwards
(By D. Elwood Dunn)
Vivian J. Edwards, the second of three daughters was born to L. James Joseph and Helen Gaynor Joseph on May 19, 1915 in Brooklyn, New York. The Josephs were founding members of the new St. Philip's Episcopal Church on Decatur Street. Vivian attended Public School #44 and spent many happy hours as a child at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.

Education and the Current Crises in Liberia
(By Moses Geply )
One of the underlining factors for the enslavement and manipulation of the young boys and girls in Liberia by the various warlords for the past fifteen years to serve as their killing machines is illiteracy (i.e., “ignorance”). This category forms one facet of what the late president of Liberia William Richard Tolbert, Jr. regarded as the three major “enemies” of the people and the state of Liberia in the 1970s – “ignorance, disease and poverty” (IDP).

The Last Kick Of A Dying Horse: Responding to Woewiyou's Aspersions
(By Samuel Ajavon)
As Liberians brace to go to the polls in electing their leaders, it is apparent that there are individuals whose only intention is to deprive Liberia and Liberians of distinguished and esteemed leaders who have a vision for removing the country from the dungeon of poverty, neglect, corruption and rot. One of such individuals is Thomas Smith a.k.a. Jucontee Thomas Woewiyou, one time defense spokesman of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), later Minister of Defense of the so called National Patriotic and Reconstruction Government (NPRG)

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Ellen Outlines Unity Party's Vison For A Better Liberia
I wish first of all to thank the Almighty God for continuing to sustain us during this campaign period and the prior process of conventions that took us throughout the length and breadth of our country. I thank all of the Liberian people for the warm and enthusiastic welcome which we continue to receive as we move around to meet and share with them our vision for the renewal of our nation.
Security During the Electoral Process
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Recently, a team of election monitors visited Liberia to assess the political and security conditions of the country as it prepares for the ensuing Presidential and Legislative elections. There were, however, concerns raised by the advance team. These concerns centered around the possibility of electoral violence, the increasing of incidents of armed robbery, poor road conditions and lack of UNMIL presence in certain areas of the country.

International Experts to Manage Liberia for Three Years
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
In direct response to the failure of the Liberian government to utilize the resources of Liberia for the benefit of the Liberian people for the past 25 years, the international community will effectively take control of government revenue and expenditure management systems in Liberia for three years, under the Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program (GEMAP).

There are Men and there are Hustlemen and Scoundrels: The Case of Tom Woewiyu – Part I
(By Ousman-Martin Tamba)
Truly, even in the face of the tragic circus currently playing out in Monrovia, many good things seem to be happening in Liberia these days. I am happy that many good people have been part of the national mosaic and social movement that has brought our country this far. For instance, people are beginning to take notice of the critical need for democratic elections and a vibrant exchange of ideas in the public arena and in newspapers rather than resorting to murder and intimidation as a means of making a point.

Motorcyclist’s Death In Gbarnga - The True Story (Forum)
Police in Bong County have apprehended a 25-year-old driver, Selekie Kamara, for allegedly killing Lawrence Kollie of the Bong Motor Cycle Union on the Wainsu- Gbarnga Highway.

Ellen Tops Debate (Forum)
The recent presidential debate sponsored by the National Democratic Institute and the International Community held at the Centennial Pavilion was won by Unity Party Standard bearer Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

LAP Receives Political Slap in Tappita (Forum)
Electorate in Tappita electoral district number seven who are partisans of the Liberia Action Party(LAP) have accused their party of what they called lies and deceit leading to the many misleading political information they continue to receive from the party since January this year.

PAL Threatens Media Block-out Against NEC, UNDP (Forum)
The Publishers Association of Liberia (PAL) is concerned over the continuous delay by the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the United Nations Development Program, (UNDP), to settle advertising bills owed several newspapers.

Revisit All Concession Agreements (Forum)
Liberians are once more preparing themselves to make another history come October 11, 2005 as they will be deciding the fate of their country through the casting of ballots in electing a democratic government that will take the country out of the hook of bad governance, abject poverty, human rights abuse and economic mismanagement.

Presidential Debate
Elections 2005: Another Debate
If recent experiences, especially the first two days of the opening of campaign 2005 were any indication, putting partisans of various Liberian political parties in the same location is potentially explosive situation. This may explains the heavy security deployment of both UNMIL peacekeepers and Liberian riot police around the Centennial Pavilion and its environ during the first public debate among Liberian presidential hopefuls on September 15, 2005. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of partisans took over Buchanan and Ashmun streets, carrying posters of their candidates, drumming songs on the sidewalks, while others came in with mega speakers on the back of pickups, playing recordings of songs for their standards bearers.
“George Weah is not the Right Person to Lead Liberia”, says Mama Musa
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
Mr. Benedict Wesseh (Mama Musa), a former Liberian soccer star who played for the Liberian national team, the Lone Star, and the Invincible Eleven soccer club from 1977 to 1980, stated that “George Weah is not the right person to lead Liberia at this time because the country is engulfed in a system of rampant corruption and failed institutions”. Therefore, he explained, “Liberia needs a leader who can make an independent analysis of situation, and select the best option given a set of circumstances rather than the leader who would be heavily dependent on advisors for governance”.

Sustaining Public Health Programs in Africa
Opening Remarks by Dr. Chinua Akukwe, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board, George Washington University (GWU) Africa Center for Health and Security, Washington, DC - On the Workshop on Sustaining Public Health Programs in Africa - Organized by the GWU School of Public Health and Health Services and the Africa Center for Health and Security, September 14th, 2005, Washington, DC

Hurricane Katrina Disaster - A Monumental Leadership Failure
Natural disasters, ethnic strife, religious wars and violence have been more frequent ever since the beginning of this century. Many of us have vivid memories of the unprecedented disasters and rash of tragedies that have occurred since 2001.

The Herculic Task Of Re-building The Infrastructure Of The Country
(A Letter From Adolphus G. McCritty)
As I gather information via your website, or others on the world wide web, I read about the candidates for the Liberian presidency relentlessly quenching their thirst for this high office.

Finger Pointing That Is Missing The Mark
((By Gbe Sneh))
The history of humankind is replete with armed insurrections. Several revolutionary wars have been waged in attempts to break the shackles of oppression. Many have succeeded in toppling sitting oppressive regimes for the better, and several others, for the worse. Liberian falls in the latter category.
Chairman Francis Carbah
GRC Acting Chairman
GRC To Organize National Citizens Convention, 1000 Delegates To Attend, Says Governance Reform Commission Acting Chairman Francis M. Carbah
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
One of the most important structures put in place by the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) signed in Accra, Ghana, in 2003 was without a doubt the Governance Reform Commission (GRC), which, short of constitutional reform, was charged with the task of looking at every aspect of governance in Liberia, carried studies and formulates proposals.

Mr. Tom Woewiyu – Where is Your Apology?
(By: Emmanuel T. Dolo)
I am responding to Mr. Woewiyu’s letter to Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for three key reasons. The first purpose is that his letter has numerous contradictions. The second driver of this response is to caution others against using Mr. Woewiyu’s claims for political purposes because such use presents several dangers. Lastly, I hail from Nimba County, where Mr. Woewiyu’s crimes not took an unprecedented toll on our leaders but also adversely impacted the youth of the entire nation for generations to come.

Alleged Rampant Corruption At LPRC Unearthed
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Former Liberian Finance Minister, Dr. Byron Tarr, backed by the Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) says he has uncovered what he described as consistent financial theft at a state corporation, the Liberian Refinery Company (LPRC) with government funds being use for political campaign purposes by the entity senior managers.

Tipoteh Promises To Deliver
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The presidential candidate many referred to by his partisans as the “only man on the ground”, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh has promised to serve the interest of the Liberian masses when elected, come October 11 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Let Democracy Be The Winner
(By Gbe Sneh)
It is not unusual that the journey to the end of an elections campaign period is always shrouded in uncertainty. Ours is not an exception. The electorate is often faced with many questions, several of which may not get answered before they cast their votes, yet they still exercise their rights to vote, however cloudy the choice.

Ellen’s Support Widens (Forum)
Since the official launch of campaign on 15 August, the grassroots support for Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Unity Party has continued to widen in both rural and urban areas.

UNMIL Raises Security Alarm (Forum)
Two presidential aspirants, Dr. Togba Nah-Tipoteh of the ADP and Prof, Alhaji G.V. Kromah of ALCOP, have expressed serious concern over the statement made by a senior personnel of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) that they cannot guarantee security in the country; writes, Josiah S. Hallie.

Varney Sherman Loosing Grip In Nimba (Forum)
The breaking of the tradition of neutrality by Nimba County Superintendent Harrison Karnwea thereby declaring support for COTOL’s standard bearer Cllr. Varney Sherman and reportedly urging his fellow Nimbians to follow suit is said to be hampering the image of COTOL in the county.

Liberian National Elections: A Panacea?
(By Emmanuel Abalo)
The Liberian Presidential and Legislative elections slated for October 11, 2005, represents a major achievement and progress towards national and regional stability for a country brought to its knees by fourteen years of naked, factional and ethnic violence.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Ascendancy To The Presidency Is An Inescapable Judgment Of History, SaysYEP Leader
(Speech Delivered By Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, Organizing Chairman, Youths For Ellen’s Presidency (Yep) At The Formal Launching Of Yep On The Campus Of The University Of Liberia) Providence has gathered us here today in order for us to participate in an event that the chroniclers of today and tomorrow will never forget if they are to do justice to the History of our great country. We have come to launch an organization that intends to positively shape the history of Liberia. Yes, we have to launch the Youths for Ellen’s Presidency (YEP).

"No Other Candidate Can Deliver What I can,” says Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Since the 1970s, when young intellectuals launched the quiet political revolution” on its campus, the university of Liberia has been one of the hotbeds of Liberian politics. Students and faculty created nightmares for every government and challenged every political leader in the past twenty years. The germs sowed in the 1970s survived through the war. And facing a crowd there is tantamount to the biggest political test for anyone.

Organized Confusion: Election Politics In Liberia
(By Brownie J. Samukai)
Monrovia became a panicky ground on 15 August when thousands of youths and supporters of various political parties took to the streets, without a clearer understanding of what was meant by the beginning of the campaign period and what they were supposed to do. It should not have been surprising when you have a highly illiterate population (about 85%) among the nearly 850,000 urban residents, many of whom reside in shanty towns where the unemployment rate is nearly 83.5%. Survival skills include subsistence petty trading (of chiclets, rock my jaw candies, etc.),

The Probable Misapplication of State Funds by the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC)
(Press Statement Issued By The Center For Democratic Empowerment (CEDE))
On Monday, September 5, 2005, the Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) convened a Press Conference to discuss “The Probable Misapplication of State Funds by the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC): Implications for the October 11, 2005 Presidential and General Elections”. The key presenter at the Press Conference was Dr. S. Byron Tarr, a former Minister of Finance and a Columnist with the New Democrat Newspaper.

Campaign 2005 Posters and Flyers
Elections 2005: Still Anyone’s Game
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Three weeks after the official opening of the campaigning period for the 2005 general and presidential elections whence some 800 candidates will be vying for the presidency and seats in the two legislative houses, things have quieted down somehow. In the first days of the campaign, political parties, notably the Unity Party (UP) of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) created a momentum but things now have fallen into a slower mood.

Making the Choice: Only A Small Step In A Democracy
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
Liberia has been independent longer than any other African country, yet the country is about to enter a truly exciting stage of democratic interplay --- Liberia is about to hold its first meaningful “free and fair” elections in its national history. A great deal of its citizens will have an opportunity to vote for the first time in their lives, going down that wondrous path many societies in the world take for granted: making free choices among genuine competitors in national political races.

$1 Billion Salary & Corporate Interest In The World Bank Thwarts War On Poverty In Poor Countries
(By J. Yanqui Zaza)
Come October 2005 elections, could our newly elected core of officers win the war on poverty by reducing corruption? Winning the war on corruption would be a good start. However, they would also have to navigate the influence of Wall Street's chief executives whose yearly salaries have leap from few millions to $1 billion plus during the last three decades (8/5/05, NY Times).